People are upset Drew Barrymore surprised her daughters with a huge cubby house

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Drew Barrymore’s kids were just gifted the most incredible play house and it’s got some people feeling very jealous and wishing they could snaffle one too. Others think Drew’s a bit mean for keeping it. Sigh.

“Our magical playhouse”

The deluxe castle-style play house was given to Drew’s daughters – five-year-old Frankie and six-year-old Olive – by a company called Cedar Works. The Santa Clarita Diet star says it’s most definitely sparked joy and that she feels very lucky to have it sitting in her backyard.

“Our magical playhouse!” she wrote in an Instagram update sharing photos and video of the house in question.

“It has been such a joyful addition to our back yard this summer. Thank you @cedarworksplay for creating this happy castle for my girls and their friends. We are so thankful for this gift and love it so much!!! Endless hours of fun #playisbeautiful”

The play house – which is really a play structure – sits in Drew’s leafy backyard and features not one but FOUR slides, lots of little turrets, a ramp, rock climbing walls, swings, flags and much, much more.

Thankfully some people thought this was brilliant news for Drew’s girls …

“The backyard treehouse/swing set was one of the best purchases I ever made,” one enthusiastic fan commented. “My now 11-year-old daughter spent 7 summers playing almost everyday in the backyard. This year it was rehoused for another young family. You are so right to savour this moment!”

“Goals”, someone else posted. “But I want one big enough so I can play too!” #SAME!

“Must be nice”

But other people really DID wish they were famous enough to get expensive things for free and thought Drew was a bit selfish for keeping this house for her girls.

“Gift? Meaning you didnt pay for it? Lol must be nice,” someone snarked.

“Something the ‘average’ person could never afford,” another follower wrote.

“Pay it forward by donating one,” one fan suggested.

Cubby house

“If I was wealthy and was given something like this I would for sure give it to someone who actually could never afford it (or a children’s home/hospital etc) and buy my own,” one commenter asserted. “I wouldn’t be able to live with that sort of privilege.”

No magical joy allowed for Drew’s daughters, those people decided. #sigh


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