Sydney dad shares trick to getting baby to sleep in less than a minute

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When it comes to getting their baby to sleep, parents are often left to work it out for themselves and process endless amounts of conflicting advice.

The tissue trick

Thankfully for Sydney dad Nathan Dailo, the answer was simple.While some babies insist on being held, demand the breast or bottle, need a dummy or endless pacing up and down the hall, a simple tissue is all Nathan and his wife needed to get their three-month-old-son Seth to sleep.

Not only is their method simple, it is effective, as Seth is out for the count in under a minute.

Nathan posted the sweet video proof to YouTube in May last year but it has recently begun to be shared around again (by desperately sleep-deprived parents no doubt).

“I’m sure every parent tries new things to put their little one to sleep,” Nathan wrote.

“Watch as my wife and I put our three-month-old baby boy, Seth, to sleep in under a minute using nothing but a piece of tissue paper.

“What’s the weirdest method you’ve used to put your little one to sleep?”

The video shows a tissue being lightly glided over Seth’s face repeatedly until he shuts his eyes and drifts off to sleep.

Experts can offer up their techniques honed from years of experience but sometimes it just can’t trump a parent’s trial and error.

Yeah, nah!

Quite a few parents tested out the method for themselves, unfortunately with little success.

“I tried this on my three-month-old…he tried to eat it,” user RGV Love commented.

User TheStephbean343 wrote: “so did mine, and laughed at it every time it passed his face”.

Nathan has since commented on the video revealing the tissue technique had a lifespan.

“My son is much older now so this doesn’t work (anymore),” Nathan wrote.

He also admits it’s not the answer for everyone.

“Some babies love it, some hate it,” Nathan wrote.

“It’s similar to lightly stroking their forehead or nose with your finger/hand.”

Nathan also posted a video earlier this year to show what Seth is doing now – seems like that early sleeping trick has helped him grow into a healthy one-year-old.

We would love to know what trick works to get your baby to sleep.

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