No more sleepless nights! Meet the smartest baby sleeping bag ever

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Along with the birth of a new baby, comes a set of new worries when you’re a new parent – and that list of things of things to worry about can sometimes feel overwhelming and endless (even if they don’t need to be).

From daily concerns about feeding and sleep, to bigger worries about growth, development and wellbeing, it can all feel too much – especially for the freshly-hatched and ultra-sleep-deprived newbies parents among us. And there’s no doubt about it, our baby’s sleep safety is at the very top of that worry list.

A major concern for parents is whether their baby is too hot or too cold as they (and we) sleep – I can’t begin to count how many times I checked on my baby through the night as a new mum, just to see that she wasn’t overheating inside her winter clothing and sleeping bag.

So what a relief to know that there’s now a ‘smart’ sleeping bag for infants and toddlers, which monitors their safety and comfort every second while they sleep!

Meet SmartSnugg, the world’s first baby monitoring sleeping bag

SmartSnugg - baby monitoring sleeping bag system

The SmartSnugg baby monitoring sleeping bag system uses the latest technology to track your child’s sleeping bag temperature, room temperature, sleeping position and movement levels, sending real-time information to your phone and alerting you if there is a need for you to act.

Whether it’s a restless night, a dangerous sleeping position or an overheated sleeping bag, SmartSnugg helps you to identify the problem and provides you with strategies to overcome it, all via the very clever app.

How the SmartSnugg system works

The SmartSnugg system uses a small, battery-operated device called a SmartPebble to monitor your child’s ambient sleeping temperature and positional data while they sleep. The SmartPebble sits inside a secure pocket attached to the inside of your child’s SmartSnugg sleeping bag and has a battery life of up to 9 months. It’s also waterproof and machine washable, so there’s no need to remove it from the pocket for washing day.

The information gathered by the SmartPebble is then sent to the SmartBridge – this connects your SmartPebble to your wifi using an ultra-low powered and secure Bluetooth connection – then it sends all data and safety alerts to your SmartSnugg App. The SmartBridge also operates as a room temperature monitor and adjustable nightlight. Clever, right?

Once the data hits your app, the multi-functional display gives you all the information you need and alerts you if anything is amiss, such as a rise in your baby’s sleeping bag temperature. It will also provide suggestions for providing the optimum sleep environment, such as clothing and bedding options to suit the ambient temperature.

Pre-order yours now!

The SmartSnugg system is currently available for pre-order, with shipping available from 25 September, 2020.

To get started, you’ll need to purchase a SmartSnugg Starter Pack which includes a SmartSleeper sleeping bag, SmartPebble, SmartBridge and SmartSnugg App. The Starter Pack is priced at $236.

SmartSnugg - baby monitoring sleeping bag system

You can also purchase additional SmartSleepers and SmartBlankets!

Currently available in 0-3 months and 3-12 months size ranges, as well as a range of pretty colours, the SmartSleeper sleeping bag is TOG-rated and made with 100 percent cotton and bamboo jersey lining, making it hypoallergenic and thermal regulating, while allowing for greater airflow. The simple design helps to keep baby snug and securely swaddled without the need for additional wrapping, and the two-way zip makes for easy nappy changes on chilly nights.

The sleeping bags can also be accompanied by the SmartBlanket, which attaches directly to the sleeping bag and can be attached and removed without waking baby.

Head to the SmartSnugg website to find out more about this genius baby monitoring system!


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