7 ways to create a brilliant bedtime routine for sleepy babies

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Sometimes getting your baby to sleep at night can feel like a chore, but there are ways to give both you and your little one a helping hand.

There are many relaxing sleepy-time activities to help create a wonderful bedtime routine that will prepare your baby for a night of blissful sleep. And by following the same schedule each evening, bedtime will be will no longer be a challenge but rather a special time of one-on-one love and sharing that you both will cherish and look forward to every evening.

Here are seven simple things you can do before bedtime to make the most of this precious time together and encourage your baby to peacefully sleep the whole night through:

1. Have a soak in the bath

A warm relaxing bath is a wonderful way to calm a tired and fretful baby at the end of the day. Use a gentle baby wash to cleanse their delicate skin and take a moment to share in some quality one-on-one time. Listen to their happy gurgles as they enjoy the warm and calming feel of the water against their body and slowly start to quieten down for the night.

baby enjoying a bath

2. Give a gentle massage

The loving experience of skin-on-skin contact is so beneficial for young babies. It helps to build that special connection between parent and child and is so calming and relaxing for everyone involved. Try giving your baby a gentle massage after bath time with a soothing baby body cream or oil. The feel of your skin against your baby’s will help them feel safe, secure and ready for bed, while allowing you those precious moments of parent-and-child bonding.

3. Choose the perfect nappy

Choose the right nappy that will see your child through until morning without leaks. Lovekins are the perfect choice for keep your child feeling comfortable and dry as they sleep. And with Lovekins nappies’ super absorbent inner and outer layers, there’s even more reason for your child (and you) to have a restful and uninterrupted night of much-needed sleep.

4. Enjoy some quiet play

Give your child the opportunity to enjoy a quiet play on the rug after bath time with their favourite toys and books. Have a gentle game of peek-a-boo, stacking up blocks or looking at pictures in a much-loved book – just nothing that will over-excite them as it’s time for slowing down and preparing for sleep.

mother playing with baby's feet

5. Story time

Reading to children is incredibly important for their language development but best of all, they just love it! Plus, it’s incredibly soothing for the parent too – not just baby. Choose one or two short stories each evening to read to your child. Create a calm environment with low lighting and enjoy a cosy read curled up in their favourite armchair. Your baby will love this time of one-on-one sharing where they have your absolute focus while you can enjoy some time out at the end of a hectic day. The repetition of reading every night will help your child eventually recognise words and sounds, while the softness of your voice will calm them right down.

6. Sing a song

Singing may not be your thing, but babies love to hear it anyway – and a gentle song from you is ideal for sending your little one off to sleep. Choose one of your child’s favourite songs, nursery rhymes or lullabies and incorporate it into their bedtime routine. Your baby will look forward to it every night, but most of all, they’ll start to recognise that it’s now time to go off to sleep.

7. Cuddle and kiss

Take a moment to have a quiet snuggle together as your little one finally settles into bed. Give them a soothing pat or rub on their back, and of course a good night kiss, the final joy of the bedtime routine, as your child gradually drifts off into a long and peaceful sleep.

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