9 ways to make Christmas an absolutely magical experience

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The Christmas season is upon us, news that induces a shiver of excitement for some, and for others, a deep inward groan.

No matter how many Christmases you’ve lived through, it can be such a magical season. So, before you resign yourself to just ‘another ho-hum Christmas’, check out these awesome ideas for ways to inject a bit of the magic back into the jolly season, for you and the kids!

1. Have a special Christmas eve sleepover party

This puts all the curious eyes in the same room, so you’re free to tiptoe around and ‘Santa-fy’ the house.

Shot of three young children sleeping in blanket tent

2. On Christmas Eve play a special family boardgame

Every year buy a new family board game, wrap it up and open it on Christmas Eve. Year by year, you’ll add to your board game collection, and make lots of new memories of fun times together.


3. Create Santa footprints with a stencil and some icing sugar

Watch your children’s eyes light up. This is the easiest kind of magic there is!


4. Give the kids proof that Santa really comes

Use a clever little app like this one to take a photo of your lounge room and superimpose a Santa, caught in the act.

Santa in your house photo

5. Write a letter to Santa

You can send them via Australia Post’s special Christmas service to Santa, NORTH POLE, 9999.

6. Then, on Christmas morning, surprise, surprise, your kids get a letter from Santa

You can write this yourself, or even order a custom handwritten one with something like Santa Mail.

Custom letter from Santa

7. Make an advent calendar to mark the 24 days before Christmas

Fill each container or bag with homemade treats, photos, craft activities or even treasure hunt clues. There are hundreds of themes and designs for advent calendars – just check out some ideas on Pinterest.

advent calendar

Image: Most Lovely Things

8. Get prepared before you go Christmas light hunting

We often take for granted those wonderful twinkly Christmas streets that we all love to take a stroll along one night before Christmas. Get the kids involved in some Christmas-baking, and wrap up ready to give as gifts. You could leave them on neighbours’ doorsteps as a gift of appreciation.

Christmas lights on street

9. Decorate a Christmas tree and take it to the local homeless shelter

 There’s a huge focus on decorating our own homes, but why not spread some Christmas cheer even further by giving to those in need at Christmas?

Boy decorating the Christmas tree



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