5 tips for keeping your baby warm and safe on cold nights

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Winter has well and truly arrived. And along with all the good things it brings (hot chocolate and babies in beanies), the colder weather often interrupts your baby’s sleeping routines.

We asked Kinderling’s mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue for her best tips on how to keep your baby warm and ensure everyone at your place gets a good night’s sleep.

Chris’ top five tips for keeping your baby cosy throughout the night:

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1. Change your cotton sheets to flannelette or jersey

If you have older children who use pillows, I also recommend you swap their pillowcases for flannelette too, as this will ensure they’re asleep longer.

2. Dress your baby in heavier clothing

Layers are important. Start with a long-sleeved cotton singlet underneath their pyjamas/all-in-one suit and also put socks underneath. 

Listen to Mark Brooke, director of Asthma Australia, share his advice on how to deal with asthma in winter:

3. Break out the woollens

Swap the cotton sheet or blanket for a heavier wool blanket.

4. Using a heater? Don’t forget the water

If you are using a heater in the bedroom make sure you have a bowl of water somewhere in the room. This prevents the air from drying out too much. 

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5. Use a thicker all-in-one zippy suit

Once baby is layered up with singlet, baby-gro and socks, try a thicker all-in-one zippy suit to lock in the warmth. These are particularly good for babies who kick off their blankets during the night.

Remember! The coldest times of the day are 4pm and 4am, so plan accordingly. 

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