People think Chrissy Teigen gave birth to her hubby and they’re onto something

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Holy twinning, Batman. Chrissy Teigen’s latest upload to Instagram proved three amazing things and her followers can’t get enough of it.

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this little dude!

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Thing 1

Firstly, hundreds, potentially thousands of people have decided that she gave birth to an exact version of her husband – singer John Legend – in miniature. They were not only freaked out by catching a glimpse of baby John in newborn Miles, they had complex feelings about the fact that Chrissy had to lug around a baby for 9-ish months, and then have him not look very much like her at all. They felt this was a sort of baby treason and honestly we totally get it.

“You did all that hard work for him to look like John lmaooo,” a fan posted under the video.

“It’s crazy how you carry your child 40 weeks but they end up looking like their father!!!” someone else commented.

That said, tiny Miles is the very definition of joyful cuteness and we would not wish him to be any different because ALL OF THE MOTHERLOVING CUTE! 

“Oh my goodness!!! It’s a pocket sized John Legend!!! How precious,” was another verdict and SAME. 

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Thing 2

Baby Miles has totally nailed what’s now being called ‘the Arthur fist’. If you’re just catching up on this, the internet has decided that John Legend look a lot like 00s TV character, Arthur. The meme game surrounding this assertion has been strong, and Chrissy’s video of Miles shows that it may be a generational thing!

“OMG! When Arthur has a baby ? sooooo cute!!!”

“He’s got the Arthur fist down!??” another follower was quick to point out and we could not be more delighted by this development.

“What happened to John? Did he shrink himself?” someone else quipped.

Chrissy Teigen screengrab of baby Miles


Thing 3

The other thing Chrissy proved was that she’s perfectly able to distil parenthood into ridiculously accurate one-liners!

When Instagram user fernandesrach tagged a friend under the video of Miles and asked, “Literally will my kids ever be this cute?”

Chrissy responded: “Yes, you will think your baby is the cutest because when you give birth you also push out a part of your brain.”

Other parents were relieved to finally talk about their baby brains with someone super famous!

“Chrissy the sad part about pushing out your brain you never get it back,” a mum pointed out. “I can attest to giving birth to 4 boys and I still cannot remember where I place my keys and cell phone!”

“That’s a (parental) survival technique that has evolved along with our species,” another wise sage noted. “Prevents us from eating our young. Especially when they’re between the ages of 10-14.”


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