Khloe Kardashian shares precious photo of baby True in a tutu

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While we didn’t see Khloe at Penelope and North’s birthday party on the weekend, it looks like she and daughter True were having their own party, of sorts.

True Thompson in a tutu

“A little lady”

Khloe uploaded footage of seven-week-old True in full tutu and hair bow mode and we’ve got to say it’s pretty gosh-darned sweet. Not only is True nailing the whole regal baby thing, she busts out the cutest tutu-ed sneeze we ever did see!

“True! Baby True. Who is the cutest little munchkin?” Khloe coos. “Looking like a little lady!”

True replies, with the aforementioned sneeze – and a giant dose of adorable. The fact that she looks like a tiny, girly version of her dad hasn’t gone unnoticed – by us! If you’ve ever wondered what he’d look like dressed as a ballerina, here it is.

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True was born on April 12, the first child for Khloe and her partner Tristan Thompson and the latest in a series of Kardashian babies – Kim and Kanye’s new daughter Chicago was born in January (with some help from a gestational carrier) and younger sister Kylie gave birth to her baby daughter Stormi back in February.

True Thompson in a tutu

The routine reality

It’s clear that Khloe’s relishing the fun of dressing her baby girl up, but she admits that a lot of her pregnancy preparations for True have come to nothing so far.

“When I was pregnant and getting the nursery ready for True, I was so excited to fill it up with anything and everything I thought I might need — and over a month in, there are a ton of products I still haven’t used, LOL.”

“Little mama just hasn’t needed them yet,” Khloe told her app’s followers. “The truth is all babies do is eat, sleep, potty, REPEAT for weeks. I love a routine, so not going to lie, this works for me.” 

Consistency … and white noise!

Routine is the cornerstone of this new mum’s life and Khloe’s learnt a few tricks to ensure that her days with True runs as seamlessly as possible.

“She’s already on a schedule and has been so awesome about it,” Khloe explained on her blog. “I think it’s because we keep everything consistent as much as possible every day.”

“Every time True takes a nap, I play a sound machine. It’s like white noise, so it blocks out any disruptive sounds around the house, like a vacuum or lawn mower.”

“When she hears the noise, it already kind of puts her in the state that she’s going to sleep, so she’s relaxed. I know babies are unpredictable and things can change every day, but for now, this has worked like a charm!”

The sound machine Khloe uses is the LectroFan Sound Therapy Machine, and the mum-of-one says it’s not just for babies: “If you could use a more peaceful sleep, I recommend it.”

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