Chrissy Teigen’s unguarded moment is pure mum life sweetness

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Taking the leap from mum-of-one to a family of four has hit Chrissy in the feels, and it’s clear she’s equal parts disbelief and pure happiness. She shared a little of this big transition on Instagram, uploading a photo of herself, two-year-old daughter Luna and newborn baby Miles – who arrived three weeks ahead of his due date – in the sandpit.

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guess we’re really doing this kid thing!

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Keeping it real

“Guess we’re really doing this kid thing!” a fresh-faced Chrissy captioned photo.

And honestly? We GET it. There are moments in those early days of parenting where academically, you know the reality of your mum life situation, but it all feels kind of surreal. It can take a little while to familiarise yourself with the new life at hand. Chrissy’s update is a pretty relatable heartwarming reminder of this sweet, foggy, vulnerable time.

Even those first attempts at saying your new baby’s name – or holding their fresh little form – feel a bit like a dream or sort of “let’s pretend” type role play.

Soon enough, it all becomes incredibly, brilliantly and exhaustingly real – but those early feels are pretty magical – and we thank Chrissy for letting us in on hers.

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“These little moments”

You know what else is magical? For once, followers had overwhelmingly lovely things to say. There was little (possibly none) of the usual sanctimommy advice. Instead, people were happy for this cute family – and reminded of their own.

“The 3 of you together is a very beautiful thing. It reminds me of when my kid’s were younger…they are 3 years apart,” one mum posted.

“We have little girl and another baby due soon – can’t wait for these little moments and have that new baby wrapped tight while watching your first baby explore and play,” another commented.

“Chrissy I just love you and your growing family, you give the Real no sugar added view and it’s it appreciated. For me it’s nice to know celebs are just like us,” a follower wrote.

(Some) celebs ARE just like us, it would seem!



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