First video: Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian introduce their baby girl

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Tennis champion Serena Williams and fiancé Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian welcomed their baby girl two weeks ago, and after a shaky start they’re ready to introduce her to the world – via an adorable video!

Serena Williams


Welcome, Alexis Jr

Alexis was born on September 1 at St. Mary’s Medical Center in Florida, weighing in at 6 lbs 14 oz (that’s 3.11 kg, in local terms!)

“Meet Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr,” Serena posted alongside a sweet Instagram pic of herself and baby Alexis (who is obviously named for her dad).

Serena then directed fans over to her website, where an equally adorable video tracking her pregnancy and Alexis’ arrival awaits.


The video begins in the doctor’s office with footage of Serena’s ultrasound and the super teeny-tiny baby’s thumping heartbeat.

We then journey speedily through 40 weeks of pregnancy, detailing Serena and Alexis’ response to becoming parents. We witness swaddle practice, puppy sibling introductions, undulating belly shots, crib building – and general larking about.

It’s all pretty cute and very relatable – and kind of normal, dare we say?!

“A lot of complications”

At the end of the snippet-filled clip, baby Alexis makes her debut snuggled up in her mum’s arms.

Serena’s still hooked up to an IV drip and reveals that it’s not been plain sailing, but they’re totally thrilled with their new bub.

“So we’re leaving the hospital after six, seven days. It’s been a long time, but we had a lot of complications, but look who we got — we got a baby girl!”

Plans waylaid?

Serena had been aiming to defend her Australian Open title in January 2018. It’s unclear whether this unexpected “complication” setback will impact a return she’d already described as “outrageous”.

“It’s the most outrageous plan. I just want to put that out there. That’s, like, three months after I give birth. I’m not walking anything back, but I’m just saying it’s pretty intense. In this game you can go dark fast. If I lose, and I lose again, it’s like, she’s done. Especially since I’m not 20 years old. I’ll tell you this much: I won’t win less. Either I win, or I don’t play.”

We suspect that she’ll push through and do her level best to hold onto her title.

Because… champion!



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