Constance Hall compares herself to Duchess Kate – and honestly, same-same!

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Constance Hall has hit the ground running (or possibly sort of gingerly edging along, since she just had a c-section) when it comes to sharing excellent and funny glimpses into new mum life.


First, she posted a brilliant side-by-side photo of herself (#LikeAQueen) and the Duchess of Cambridge (#SomeDayDestinedToBeAnActualQueen) postpartum – and the similarities are frankly quite striking.

“Oh god Kate,” Constance wrote alongside the photo, “the things they expect of us royals. I hear ya babe, I hear ya.”

Note the joyful maternal grimace, the proud stance, the warm highlights and the slightly knackered dad smile. The cosy cuddle the newborn’s enjoying as the family debut their baby at the hospital doors is almost identical too. Granted, Constance chose to reject Kate’s exact bold Rosemary’s Baby dress style, for something a little less Satanic … and she’s provocatively forgone the nude pumps Kate loves, in favour of support garments and entirely nude feet. But it’s basically the same photo, apart from that.

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Oh god Kate… the things they expect of us royals. I hear ya babe I hear ya.

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And baby makes seven

If you’re just catching up, you should know that Constance gave birth to baby Raja on Monday.

The little boy arrived via a scheduled c-section looking instantly like a sweet-faced two-month-old – and appearing to know all the secrets of the world. (He’s possibly composing Instagram captions in his head, as we speak.)

“Born at 2.46pm, 38 weeks, 4.2kgs,” Constance and husband Denim Cooke announced on Instagram sharing a lovely photo of Raja settling into life on the boob.

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Raja is the seventh child for the couple – but their first together. They’re also parents to Sunny, Zeyke, Rumi, Snow, Arlo Love and Billie-Violet who are all in various stages of getting to know their new baby brother.


Overnight, Constance shared the cutest video of this playing out, and the conversation went a little something like this …

“Roger?” two-year-old Rumi asks.
“Yeah, Raja” Constance replies.
Our Roger,” Rumi coos.
“Roger!” *snort* Constance laughs.
“That’s a really good name,” daughter Billie-Violet says.
“Roger is a good name, I think he looks like a Roger,” a lady (who seems very nice) chimes in.
“It’s nooottt Roger!” Constance wails, laughing and quickly uploading the exchange to Instagram so we can delight in Roger too.

So. Darned. Cute.

Rumi Constance Hall

Like a King!

Of course, Rumi is not the first kiddo to be slightly mixed-up when trying to pronounce family names. Circling back to royalty – yes, again! – and future KING, Prince George, who is third in line to the throne, used to call The actual Queen (of England) “Gan-Gan” and honestly who wouldn’t?!

“George is only two-and-a-half and he calls her ‘Gan-Gan.’ She always leaves a little gift or something in their room when we go and stay and that just shows her love for her family,” Kate told Hello.

This present-giving could be a practice for Raja to take up with Rumi perhaps? If he wants to go PEAK “like a Queen” – and shake off the Roger a little faster?

#LikeAKing #NotRoger #GanGan #BringOnThePrezziesRoger #ItsRajaYouFool


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