Amazing mum gives birth to TWO sets of twins in one year

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A US mum has surprised everyone, most of all herself, by giving birth to two sets of twins in 2019 … and all the babies are boys!

Two plus two

Alexzandria Wolliston is from West Palm Beach in Florida and doctors told her what she’d managed baby-wise was as likely winning the lottery.

“I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I never thought I would have two,’” she said, admitting she didn’t even know twins ran in her family. It’s very clear now that they do, because she became mum to Mark, Malakhi, Kaylen and Kaleb over ten months last year.

Babies Mark and Malakhi were born in March, then in May Alexzandria discovered — much to her surprise — that she was pregnant with yet another set of twins. In late December those surprise second twins, Kaylen and Kaleb were born.

She later found out that both of her grandmothers each gave birth to twin boys who did not survive. These losses have given the birth of her own twin baby boys a special poignancy and were sent from above.

“I always say that I feel like my grandmothers gave me their kids, because [I have] two sets of twins and their twins passed away,” Alexzandria told WPTV.

“I feel like they just sent them down for me.”

Taking it in her stride

This amazing mum also has a three-year-old daughter who she notes was more of a challenge than her four little brothers have been so far.

“She was actually worse than them, so she was like two babies in one,” she laughed.

Baby Kaylen remains in the NICU unit at the moment, getting some extra special care, but she’s hoping to bring him home very soon.

“I feel like I hit the twin lottery,” Alexzandria admits of her baby jackpot, noting her family feels very much complete at this point.

Huge congratulations to this family on their amazing brood!



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