You’ll have to be quick to get your hands on the Bluey X Bonds collaboration

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Dreams do come true for tiny Bluey fans with Australia’s favourite onesie-maker Bonds announcing a brand new collaboration with TV’s famous pup!

Bluey X Bonds

The Bluey X Bonds range has been billed as limited edition, which of course means that things got pretty crazy pretty quickly in the Bonds online store.

In fact most of the range has already been feverishly snapped up … and whacked on eBay at a premium price. Ba-bow!

At the time of writing the following (below) were still available on the Bonds website, but we’re guessing these are disappearing quickly and the whole drop will soon be completely sold out.

Bluey Zip Wondersuit

Bonds X Bluey
Bonds Bluey Pattern Crew socks

A sought-after baby range

If you think four styles doesn’t seem like a very big range, it’s because most of the styles really have already been snapped up by savvy shoppers, some very keen to capitalise on Bluey’s popularity.
The pick-of-the-bunch Wondersuits below (which are the ones every parent of a Bluey fan wanted) are currently popping up on eBay, with prices ranging starting at the recommended retail of around $30 and heading upwards to $90.
Depending on the style and size you are after and how far your budget will stretch, you might be able to make your little Bluey enthusiast’s day. But the truth is that $90+ seems like a lot to pay for something that’s gonna get pooped on!

Bluey for all the babies!

All that said we are totally in love with these cute Bluey prints! Here’s hoping that Bonds announces a second drop for these adorable baby suits, perhaps in a fresh range of colours and this time going a little lighter on the limited edition concept?!
Surely every baby and toddler deserves this a crack at this brilliant Bonds X Bluey range. #WeLoveThem!
Give us alllll the Bluey Wondersuits, Bonds!!
Bonds X Bluey


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