A celebrity nanny shares her top parenting tips and beer and hugs are involved

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Connie Simpson has helped celebs like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, George and Amal Clooney, Jessica Alba and Cash Warren, Brooke Shields and many others come to terms with mum and dad life. 

The most famous nanny since Mary Poppins has opened up a little more about the relatable struggles of these famous parents.

Stars are just like us!

Connie says there’s no escaping the trials and tribulations of parent life, even if you do have bucketloads of money at your disposal.

“[Celebrities] are just like us — they’ve got spit-up on their clothes,” Nanny Connie told Today, as she celebrated the release of her new book, The Nanny Connie Way. “They have sleepless nights. They have kids who say ‘no’ back to them. And they need to be able to have that room to grow, and know that they’re OK as parents.” 

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“You’ll stay in your room”

She’s charged with helping famous mums and dads adjust to life with their newborn as they balance busy careers. Justin Timberlake was a particularly memorable encounter. After he and Jessica Biel’s son Silas was born, the exhausted singer dad was laser focused on safeguarding his sleep.

“It was the whole spiel,” Connie remembers. “Up the stairs, across the hallway and down the little corridor that he needed to have sleep.”

“When we finally got to the [baby’s] room, I said, ‘OK, now you need to get your sleep. Where’s your room? So I’m going to go in this direction with the baby and you’ll stay in your room.'”

She says after some initial adjustment issues, Justin settled into his new dad role with gusto.

“I knew that two months or a month later, he was going to be incorporated into this whole process. And once he was, he was like, ‘Fine, I get it! A parent is a parent!'”

“She consoled my husband and me when we were tortured by sleepless nights and were zombies of our former selves,” Jessica Biel confirms in Connie’s book. “She held my hand and head as I sobbed and ached through postpartum. She forced us out of the house for date nights because it was important to connect again as adults.”

Beer plz

Apart from letting tired new parents sleep their exhaustion off, and promoting time away from their baby to reconnect, Connie’s got some other popular hacks to ensure families are feeling their best. Her advice for mums trying to establish breastfeeding and promote supply, for instance? Beer!

“All my mothers love to have a bit of alcohol, so dark beer was it. Yeast was the component that helped the milk to produce more. Dark beer had it even more so,” Connie explained.

“Brooke Shields and I really kind of had it going on because we turned her whole bathroom into a little oasis. We had beer and snacks, and we would laugh and talk, and she would make more milk than anything!”

Emily Blunt is on the record (in Connie’s book) saying the kindness, care and hugs Connie gave her were as vital as the parenting advice. 

“It’s like you could feel her cover your entire back as she simultaneously hugs you and massages your back. I’ve seen grown men melt in her arms,” Emily says noting that her daughters Violet and Hazel “melted into some sort of meditative slumber” when she held them.

We feel like a Nanny Connie hug right now, to be honest …


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