Police warn: Do not do this insane gender reveal, and gulp!

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Gender reveals are usually fun. Someone slices into a cake at a party and the guests ooh and ahh at the colour of the inside.

“It’s a girl! (or boy),” they scream.

But police have warned against doing this particular gender reveal stunt. It’s not fun. In fact, it’s pretty stupid, and dangerous.

Burn out gender reveals a no-no

Queensland police have released footage of a car burning out blue smoke, and then bursting into flames, to advise parents-to-be there are safer ways to reveal their bub’s gender. Like the cake!

Take a look.

Video released of gender reveal gone wrong

Police have just released video of a gender reveal gone wrong. A man’s car caught fire on the Gold Coast, while performing a burnout to announce the gender of a baby in April last year.The Holden driver had put a drone up to film the elaborate, and dangerous, act.A 29-year-old man was arrested and charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.Report on 7NEWS at 4pm & 6pm. More: 7news.link/wCVpOl#7NEWS

Posted by 7NEWS Brisbane on Monday, 8 July 2019

Just stick to the cake

The video was actually shot back in April last year but has only just been released as it seems ‘burn out’ gender reveals might be becoming a thing.

Oh dear.

They involve a car being fitted with special smoking tyres that release pink or blue smoke.

Surprise! And also maybe wear your fire suit if you get invited to one of these.

Holy smoke

The entire stunt gone wrong was filmed by drone, as well as by many onlookers on their phones.

The black Holden car can be seen bursting into a ball of flames, with a man quickly alerting and freeing the driver from the car.

The driver, Samual Montesalvo, 30, a friend of the dad-to-be, was convicted of one count of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. He was also fined $1000 and had his license suspended for six months.

So please, people, just stick to the cake!


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