There’s a ‘baby fight’ gender reveal and it’s utterly bonkers

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Just when you thought gender reveals couldn’t get anymore OTT, an utterly bonkers new ‘boy or girl?’ announcement has turned up on social media.

Wait, what?!

And look, to be perfectly honest, we thought that Gender Reveal Lasagna had taken the cake, but this new ‘baby fight gender reveal is a last-minute contender in the unexpected stakes.

In fact, lots of people are calling this the ‘best gender reveal’ they have ever seen – and it’s not hard to see why. Singer Summer Walker shared the unusual footage and almost half a million people have watched it so far.

Missing from this gender reveal are the coloured balloons, colourful cake and pink/blue confetti. Instead, we’ve got two suited up friends (or possibly family members) duking it out until the ‘right’ baby wins.

In this case the baby boy is the victor, indicating that the incoming bub will be a boy. The poor baby girl lies on the ground as her opponent takes his lap of honour.

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“Awww it’s bwoooyyyyy my sister getting marriedddd and she pregnetttttt,” Summer posted alongside the footage of this very weird reveal.

While a LOT of people couldn’t quite get past Summer’s spelling of the word ‘pregnant’ MOST people were obsessed with this fresh gender reveal approach.

“The most creative”

The comments came thick and fast and people were surprisingly into the fighting babies.

“This is the strangest yet most interesting gender reveal,” one Instagram follower posted.

“I’m stealing this for when I get pregnant,” another person commented. “This is very creative!”

“This is probably the most creative gender reveal I’ve ever seen,” someone else enthused.

We pretty much have to agree!


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