Looking for a unique gender reveal party idea? We think we’ve just found it!

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The anticipation of having a baby on the way is huge. And while there are so many unknowns when it comes to having a baby, one of the first things parents can find out – and celebrate – is the sex of their new baby!

When you can find out the sex of your baby

An ultrasound between 18-21 weeks can usually reliably show what sex your baby is likely to be. But if you want to know what your baby’s sex is likely to be, AND celebrate that big moment with family and friends, you can ask for the ultrasound technician to give you the information and keep it sealed for just the right moment!

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Experience the big moment with family friends

Throwing a gender reveal party allows you to enjoy and experience the news with your family and friends in a fun way – and if you’re looking for an especially unique way to announce the news – why not celebrate with a Gender Reveal Archery party?!

Sydney Olympic Park Archery Centre is now hosting Gender Reveal parties! So not only can you be with loved ones when you experience the big reveal, you can get everyone involved and included with a special outdoor activity. It’s a celebration with a difference!

gender reveal party archery

An exclusive party to remember 

Each party session includes an exclusive one-hour program run by a skilled instructor, which includes a safety induction. Your personal archery instructor will guide you and your guests through the session and give everyone in the group the necessary skills to shoot a bow and arrow.

gender reveal party archery

You’ll also be provided with a dedicated, especially designed target face, where family and friends can guess the gender, and a Gender Reveal balloon!

Prior to the party, you can organise to have a trusted family member or friend inform the Centre of your baby’s sex. The balloon will be filled with blue or pink confetti for you to pop on the day.

Then, after everyone has had a few practice rounds of archery, you and your partner unveil the ultimate gender reveal by popping the Gender Reveal balloon!

archery gender reveal

Included in the Sydney Olympic Park Archery Centre Gender Reveal Party is:

• Gender Reveal invitations – a downloadable invitation for you to invite your family and friends
• An exclusive one-hour party
• Archery instruction
• The Gender Reveal balloon

Each session caters for up to 10 people and costs $385 in total. If you’d like to throw a unique Gender Reveal Archery party, visit the Sydney Olympic Park Archery Centre for more information.

This post is sponsored by Sydney Olympic Park Archery Centre.


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