Disney is remaking Home Alone and people are not happy about it

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It has just been announced that Disney wants to try and improve on perfection – remaking Home Alone for a ‘new generation’.


Why do that Disney? The original is AWESOME! Oh, unless you have plans to cast Macaulay Culkin as the dad?

Now that would be cool.

A classic remade

Home Alone is the latest in a series of classic films and TV shows to be given a reboot.

The 1990 Christmas fave, which gets a re-watch every year on December 24, is being “reimagined for a new generation”, according to Disney. The studio is remaking the much-loved movie in anticipation of their new streaming service.

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#HomeAlone fans, rejoice! A reboot is in the works and we've got all the details at our link in bio. 👆

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Culkin saw it coming

The news of the remake, funnily, came just after Macaulay Culkin, who played little Kevin in the original, tweeted this about the Space Jam reboot:

“I hope the Space Jam reboot kicks off a whole slew of 80s/90s sports movie remakes. Field of Dreams with @ChrisEvans, A League of Their Own with @KristenBell and @TessaThompson. Also it would be cool if Daffy Duck was in all of these,” he wrote.

Culkin is a psychic! He saw it coming! Or maybe he just saw that remaking 90’s pop culture is a thing nowadays. Heck, even The Babysitter’s Club books are being remade into a Netflix series and Beverly Hills 90210 has had a reboot. Oh and there’s talk that Cheaper By The Dozen is also in line for one.

But not everyone is happy

In response to Culkin’s predictive tweet, one user quipped:

“Look what you’ve done!”

It seems that LOTS of fans of the original Home Alone are not so buzzed by a remake.

One user, took to Instagram to post this sad notice:


“It saddens me to share this news with you all. But sadly, Disney has decided to remake Home Alone. May the memories of the original live strong in our hearts and the reboot not taint our happiness.”

In the words of Kevin McCallister: “Ahhhhhh!” he writes.

But what if Culkin plays the dad?!

Then one fan had a brilliant idea that we are SO on board with.

He suggested Culkin who was just eight years old when he shot to fame as the kid forced to protect his family home from two burglars (because his parents forgot him – sob), plays the dad!

“Why not make a Home Alone and you’re the dad in it?” he asked.

As Culkin is now all grown up – he’s 38 – this seems like a fantastic idea.

Now that’s a remake we would watch.


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