The ‘disco bath’ is a bright idea that will have your kids begging for tub time

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Mums are masters of innovation and this clever woman – with her cute bath time share –  is no exception. 

Doof, doof, sploosh!

The lady in question shared photos of her children’s “disco bath” in a Facebook group called Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK.

“59p glow sticks from home bargains and we have a disco bath,” she explained noting that she had been super vigilant about safety. 

The sticks are “non-toxic and non-flammable” and “for my daughter’s bath I checked the packaging, made sure wasn’t too hot and checked for splits!”

“They loved it,” this mum confirmed.

Turns out they weren’t the only ones who were into this idea. Other parents on Facebook loved it too!

“A toddler rave bath”

Turns out that this cute activity has been around for a little while. A bit of digging revealed that the mum in question is not the only clever clog who figured a disco bath might take the whining out of tub time.

Former teacher and blogger Susie from Busy Toddler wrote about this brilliant idea back in 2017 noting it’s a bit like a “toddler rave bath”.

Play At Home Mom also flagged the idea, way back in 2011. Who knew that disco baths were a low-key kid thing?!

Of course, when your child is in the bath you are 100 percent focused on supervising them. This means that you can keep an eye on those glow sticks too.

“Glow sticks shouldn’t be put in mouths or bitten so make sure your toddler is out of the ‘will put everything in my mouth’ phase before you try this,” Susie advises.

“My oldest kids are 2.5 and 4 and have graduated into activities like this. My 13-month-old is currently on the no-glow stick list.”

Good call, lady! And excellent bath time idea!


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