Yes! Our fave 90’s star is going to be in Netflix’s new The Baby Sitter’s Club

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Remember reading The Baby Sitter’s Club under the bed covers by torchlight because it was passed your bedtime?

And remember watching Clueless a few years later again and again with your friends (because of Cher, and also it’s not weird at all to fall for your step-brother)?

Well, now two of our biggest tween/teen obsessions are coming together. Because … take a breath – this is exciting, Netflix’s new The BabySitters Club is going to star none other than ALICIA SILVERSTONE!

I know.

Oh. My. God.

The babysitters club rebooted

The new series is actually a reboot of the book series and the TV show made in 1990.

According to the press release, Netflix says their version is “a contemporary live-action original series that will follow the friendship and babysitting adventures of five best friends in Stoneybrook, Connecticut.”

And if we are not already excited enough, it has just been announced that our teen icon, Alicia Silverstone, will be playing Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer, mum to Kristy Thomas (because Alicia is us now, and she’s old enough to play a mum).

Ah, who else is feeling nostalgic?

What you need to know

The new The Babysitters Club is an adaptation and promises to be family-friendly, so you can watch it with your kiddos if they are nearing the same age you were when you discovered the book series.

Apparently, there are ten episodes to binge-watch, YESSS! Production has started in Canada, so we’ll let you know the official air date when it’s available.

Alicia is the perfect choice

As a mum to Bear, age seven, Alicia will be natural at playing Elizabeth.

There’s no one better to play a mum than a mum!

Elizabeth’s love interest (because we all love watching Alicia fall in love) will be played by Mark Feuerstein from Royal Pains.

Author come producer

In case you are worried that the series won’t be as good as the book, you can breathe a sigh of relief because author Ann M. Martin is signed on as a producer. We hope this means the updated series will do our (200 odd) fave books justice, while also being new and improved.

It sounds like it will. Because heck, getting Alicia Silverstone on board was a good move by the casting people.

We are already viewers-in-waiting.





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