How to put a baby to sleep in under a minute (and it doesn’t involve bouncing!)

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Attention sleep-deprived parents everywhere! We have found the answer you are looking for. And it’s been under our noses the entire time.

You may have seen this video on how to get your baby to sleep in 42 seconds circulating through social media. But, if you haven’t, then prepare to be amazed!

A miracle way to put babies to sleep?

When Nathan Dailo posted a video of how he and his wife put their three-month-old baby Seth to sleep using nothing put a piece of tissue, it became an instant sleep sensation. In the first week, Dailo’s video has been viewed well over four million times with countless parents testing out his theory.

Dailo and his wife simply place their wrapped infant on a bed and gently brush a piece of tissue paper over his face several times. At first the infant squirms and wiggles but soon falls fast asleep.

The process takes an incredible 42 seconds and Dailo cheekily assures us that, “there was no chloroform used in this video.”

We at Babyology were just as sceptical as the next parent and thus we put this theory to the test.

First,  I tried on my nearly three-year-old, but was promptly greeted with, “Mum, what are you doing to me?” followed by, “Mum, that feels itchy,” which then escalated to, “Mum, can I have some milk?”.

So on to test subject #2 – a friend’s six-month-old baby who does not have the ability to question every single thing I do. We followed the video to a tee and were amazed and delighted by the results. It didn’t take 42 seconds – it took two minutes and 60 tissue strokes, but it did work and bub nodded off!

Have you tested out Dailo’s tissue paper sleep tactic yet? What are some of the strangest ways you have put bub to sleep?

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