Fans reveal surprising feature about Meghan and Harry’s new home

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In very surprising news from the royals, it’s just been revealed that while Frogmore Cottage looks quite lovely and green and semi-secluded, it’s actually a very noisy spot.

Keep it down!

Meghan, Harry and Archie’s home is situated directly under a very busy flight path, making it less than ideal for a family with a tiny baby.

As part of the renovations to the royals new home, a truckload of money ($92,000!) was spent on soundproofing their new Windsor digs.

This was necessary because a quite bonkers 28 flights per hour pass over Frogmore Cottage which has gotta grate on the nerves at the best of times. 

Royal fans who visited a nearby open house at Frogmore House noticed that the estate was not the idyllic country retreat we might have thought it was.

“How they’re getting Archie to sleep under this flight path is beyond me,” someone tweeted, Express UK reports.

“Absolute racket,” another person wrote.

Conflicting reports

The Frogmore Estate – which includes Frogmore House as well as Meghan and Harry’s Frogmore Cottage home – was open to the public yesterday and conflicting reports stated that a) visitors were able to get close to the royal home and – confusingly – b) that this was not the case.

Frogmore Cottage is quite some distance from Frogmore House and its gardens, and it’s hard to imagine that they’d let the public roam close by. But visitors were saying otherwise.

“Couple of windows open and two shiny cars out front so someone’s there,” one person on Twitter insisted, asserting they did venture near to the couple’s home Express UK reports.

“Mad how close you can get,” another royal fan commented.

“Spotted a few cars parked inside and one of the top windows were left open. What an idyllic location… only slightly spoiled by the non-stop noisy planes,” someone on Instagram wrote.

If that is true it must grate on the Sussexes, as Harry very recently headed to court in a bid to protect his family’s privacy. 

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White horses and a carriage passing in front of Harry and Meghan’s Cottage at Frogmore House this morning. Spotted a few cars parked inside and one of the top windows were left open. What a idyllic location… only slightly spoiled by the non stop noisy planes. Took the picture a few seconds before being able to read the signs saying “no photography” and was to weak to delete it, so here it is. —————————————————————————— Cavalos brancos e uma carruagem passando em frente à casa do Príncipe Harry e da Meghan hoje de manhã. Até vimos alguns carros estacionados lá dentro e uma das janelas de cima estava parcialmente aberta. Um lugar encantador circundado de árvores, campos e flores… seria um paraíso na terra se não fosse pelo barulho dos aviões que passam a todo minuto. A qualidade da foto é porque fiz esse clique alguns segundos antes de perceber uma plaquinha dizendo “proibido tirar fotos”, e aí fraquejei em apagar depois!

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