Prince Harry photographed flying home to his family + Archie christening news

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Some travellers got a lovely surprise as they headed from Rome to London because a (slightly knackered) Prince Harry was on their plane!

Wetting the baby’s head?

The new dad was spotted returning home from a charity polo match in Italy and he apparently looked a tiny bit the worse for wear. 

Perhaps he’d been ‘wetting the baby’s head’ and celebrating newborn Archie’s arrival with his pals. Perhaps riding horses and whacking balls is exhausting. Perhaps it’s all of those things. It’s honestly hard to know.

What we do know is that many people on Harry’s commercial flight were delighted to be sharing the cabin with royalty. Someone even snapped a couple of stealthy photos to prove it.

Amy Garrick captured several shots of Harry a few rows ahead of her in first class. He was flying British Airways – just like non-royal people – and Amy shared the images on Facebook where they quickly went viral.

“Looks very tired”

Amy explained that she had gotten up to queue for the loo and lo and behold she spied the weary prince.

“This morning leaving Rome I got up to use the bathroom and I had to wait,” Amy wrote on Facebook. “As I’m standing there, I look over and see a guy who looks like Prince Harry. And he has a wedding ring on and looks very tired. The guy next to him looks like security and is glaring at me. Finally my brain clicks and I realize, it is Prince Harry on the way back to London from Rome.”

“He was at a polo tournament,” she continued. “He politely smiled and said hi when he realized I knew who he was. I tried to get a photo as he got off the plane. I didn’t want to harass him and felt bad taking one, but it isn’t every day you see him! He thanked the first class crew and pilot before getting off the plane.”


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When will Archie be christened?

No doubt he was busting to get home to Meghan and clap eyes on baby Archie once again.

So when will we get to see young Archie again? And how long until he makes that angelic appearance in a christening gown?

There’s much chatter about this at the moment as the newest royal baby approaches the one-month-old milestone.

Archie arrived on 6 May, which means he will be four weeks old on Monday. Outlets are already hazarding a guess at the little boy’s possible christening date, using his cousin’s christening timings as a guide.

Prince George was christened when he was three months old. Princess Charlotte was two months old at her christening and toddler Prince Louis was christened at a tick over two months of age.

“If this length of time is applied to baby Archie, it is likely his christening will take place between Saturday, July 6 and Tuesday, August 6,” Express UK suggests.

Of course, Meghan and Harry are the rule-benders of the royal family, so it’s likely that they’ll balance the royal family’s very busy calendar against their own wishes when it comes to their son. Watch this space for further news on that.

Prince Harry on a commercial flight



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