Lots of popular playpens sold in Australia have failed safety tests

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Parents have long loved the playpen because it’s a handy helper when you need to keep your baby safe as you crack on with other things. 

Risky playpens may injure babies

But new research by CHOICE has revealed that many playpens provide a false sense of security. Not only are there no set safety standards for this popular piece of baby kit – and many others – but lots of the playpens they tested were downright dangerous.

Margaret Rafferty is the Managing Editor of CHOICE and she says mums and dads may not be aware that the products they are buying aren’t safe – or even covered by standards that protect babies. 

“Parents might think that every baby product they can buy will comply with a standard and therefore be safe to use,” Margaret told Babyology. “However, what they should know is that a number of items in this category – including playpens – aren’t covered by a mandatory standard.”

“That’s one of the reasons CHOICE tests these products to safety standards – because parents can’t rely on manufacturers to do so.”

Many of these playpens are still being sold

A number of brands that CHOICE tested had features which could injure babies – or worse. Those brands included TikkTokk, Nanny Annie, Jolly Kidz, Bubbli, Kiddy Cots and ABST.

“Products that failed our safety tests did so for a number of reasons, ranging from major head entrapment risks to less serious hazards such as sharp edges and protrusions that little ones could bump themselves on,” CHOICE said on their website, where they have published the full list of risky playpens.

Margaret Rafferty said there has been a mixed response from the companies that are selling these dangerous playpens to mums and dads.

“We were both pleasantly and not so pleasantly surprised by the response from companies involved in the manufacture and distribution of these products,” she explained. “Some have responded quickly and removed the products, while others have not responded or dismissed our concerns.”

It’s truly a case of buyer beware and gosh that’s simply not good enough, is it?

CHOICE is campaigning for a big rethink and refresh of safety standards and pushing for more stringent policing of companies that make these unsafe products. Thankfully they also continue to test products so families can choose wisely and keep their littlies safe.

You can view the full list of risky playpens at CHOICE’S website and also read their guide to choosing a playpen that is safe for your baby.


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