8 thoughts I have when my baby finally falls asleep

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If you have a baby who is on a mission not to sleep, then I feel your exhaustion. My firstborn was the same, especially when it came to his day naps. Some babies just need more help than others with this whole getting to sleep thing. Yawn. 

As such, the moment my son would finally enter the land of nod (usually in my arms), a few thoughts would race through my mind.

Here’s what they were. Maybe you can relate?

1. Will you transfer to the cot?

Yes! We did it! You are finally asleep, but I am not going to sit here for two hours cuddling you so you stay that way. I do that all the time but today I will brave the cot transfer. I’m scared if I do though that you’ll wake up, and we’ll be back to where we started, only you’ll have had a cat nap and want to party. OK, I’m going to try. Yay, it worked (today).

2. I really need to pee!

Yes, you are finally asleep and it’s taken AGES! So long in fact that the tea I half drunk before rocking you for what feels like an hour has gone through me. Now I need the loo. 

3. All is forgiven, I love you so much

You have wailed all morning and I know you are cutting teeth, your rosy cheeks give you away, but my goodness your irritable vibe has gotten me down. I was not enjoying being your mum this morning, oh but look at you now. You look so peaceful and beautiful. I forgive you and I love you SO very much. Cutey, cute, cute.

4. I will murder anyone who wakes you

I am turning my phone to silent and shutting all the windows so that noisy neighbour doesn’t wake you up. Seriously, if a courier so much as knocks on the door to deliver a parcel, I might cry. Sleep is finally here.  

5. I should nap too, but …

“Sleep when the baby sleeps,” they say. I know I should. But there is so much to do that I haven’t had a chance to do with you awake. But I am so very tired. OK, I will just grab 40 winks and NOT look at my phone but awww, a friend shared the first pic of her new baby on Instagram!

6. Please sleep for longer than 20 minutes

I need to get a load of washing on and make that phone call I’ve been trying to make for three days now, so please my love, please, do me a solid and sleep for longer than 20 minutes this time. Okay?  

7. Ohh, I wonder if I have time for an episode?

If you do sleep for longer than 20 minutes and I can turn a blind eye to the washing and put off the call, again, I could so slip in a quick Netflix session. Housework and admin, or telly? 

8. You have the most beautiful eyelashes

OK, so I know I should make the most of this time and get some sh!t done, but I can’t stop gazing at you. Your eyelashes are growing longer every day and you look like a sleeping angel. Oh, I will just snap 10,000 photos of you sleeping on my phone. But how do I turn off the camera sound so you don’t wake up? I can’t have you wake up, it took way too long to get you to go to sleep.

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