An ode to Anthony Wiggle: “The dreamiest Wiggle and the original babe.”

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Did anyone else have a crush on Anthony Wiggle / continues to, to this day?

As the long-standing member of the ever-popular kids’ group, Anthony’s had more than a few eyes cast over him during the two decades he’s been on television and the stage. And it seems this has brought some adoring attention from some former kids, now all grown up.

Recently Wiggle Town News pointed us in the direction of this hilarious love letter of sorts about the blue dude.

An ode to Anthony

In their classic listicle style, Buzzfeed published this piece by Caitlin Jinks, who first shared her passion for the performer when the post was published way back in November 2015. Like many Aussie kids, she clearly grew up with The Wiggles, and as she’s aged she’s developed a bit of a fondness for the colour blue.

“Even though you didn’t quite understand it at the time, you knew there was something special about the blue Wiggle, Anthony,” she writes.

“Yes, Anthony was the dreamiest Wiggle and the original babe.

You wanted to stare at his friendly, handsome face all day.”

It goes on!

“When he banged that little ol’ drum you couldn’t help but blush.

You wanted to kick out the other Wiggles and jump in that big red car and drive off into the sunset with him.”

We’re the ones blushing now!

Lots of love to go around

In the recent share online, there’s actually no consensus in the comments. While Anthony sure has some supporters, a few other shades of the rainbow were added into the mix.

A handful of commenters said they had a penchant for yellow instead; “I always had a crush on Greg ? growing up, but now.. Anthony ? is definitely worthy,” typed Suzy.

While one woman noted that Lachy has now taken the crown of cutest Wiggle. “Ha Ha now Lachy is the sexy wiggle. Sorry Anthony!”

And Murray also had a mention by Yvette; “I’m more of a Murray girl myself.”

*ADULT POST*..Not recommended for children..For Everyone Who Had A Crush On The Blue Wiggle Growing Up.Originally…

Posted by Wiggle Town News on Saturday, 28 July 2018

Thanks for sharing Wiggle Town News! And to writer Caitlin – we’re forever grateful for being given such a chuckle.

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