“What am I doing?!” 9 thoughts we all had as brand new mums at home

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Remember when the midwives sent you packing from hospital as a first time mum, because you know, “You’ve got this!” and also, “We need your bed”?

Yep, that.

Now tell me you didn’t have some, or even all nine, of these thoughts on that first night at home with your squidgy newborn?

1. Erm, what am I doing?

I am a mother. I am born to do this. But I’m also a rookie with NO CLUE!

Who put ME in charge?

newborn baby

2. Sh!t is that normal?

He is so noisy when he sleeps. He sounds like a little pug and I didn’t notice it in hospital with all the other noise. Is that normal? There’s no-one to ask. Wah …

Quick, Google ‘breathing in newborns’.

4. I wish I was back in hospital

All I wanted in hospital was for us to come home, but now I want to be back. I had professional help there! My husband is great, but he can’t give me lactation advice.

5. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this …

If I tell myself enough, I might start to believe it.

6. I’m not ready

I’m still so sore. I am hobbling like an old woman.

I shouldn’t be at home. I need more time to heal. I need a fourth trimester.

new mum

7. I should’ve stolen the hospital blanket

It was so easy to swaddle him with that rainbow blanket in the hospital.

The wraps I bought are all too flimsy and tricky. He looks like a caterpillar in a loose cocoon.

Yep, definitely should have nicked it.

8. I’m so tired

I didn’t sleep in hospital. But I will now I’m in my own bed … right?


Wrong. You have a newborn. Did you forget?

9. Look what we made!

We can’t stop gazing at him. He’s the most beautiful thing in the entire world.

And WE made him.



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