People think Duchess Kate wore a Rosemary’s Baby dress for Prince Louis’ debut

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When Prince William and Duchess Kate debuted little Prince Louis on Monday, she wore a dress that was a hat tip to one Princess Diana wore when she debuted a newborn Prince Harry.

A tribute to …

The problem is that the version Kate and her stylist chose happens to mirror not only Diana’s frock, it’s quite similar to the dress worn by Mia Farrow in cult horror classic, Rosemary’s Baby. Ru-oh!

Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, welcomed their son Prince Louis on April 23, stepping out onto the famous Lindo Wing steps of St Mary’s Hospital to introduce him to the world. 

Kate wore the red dress in question and, at first, everyone was charmed by the Diana connection and the fact that Kate was continuing to pay homage to her departed mother-in-law. But then the funny folk of Twitter quickly chimed in, noting that there was more to this dress than met the eye and that it was in fact a tiny bit horrifying and we might all like to hide under the bed from now on.

Rosemary's Baby

Truth be told, Kate’s dress is actually a different colour to Mia Farrow’s RB frock (red as opposed to burgundy), as well as a different length (Mia’s is long, Kate’s is not). Mia’s dress also has longer sleeves, lace cuffs, different lace at the collar and a tie at the neckline. That said, they’re obviously similar at first glance.

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Conspiracy theories

Some Twitter users were hoping the spooky double-up was done on purpose, as a kind of inside joke, but conspiracy theorists have asserted that it’s all part of a master plan and muttering about cults and saying Satan is coming and blah blah blah, shoosh.

The dress worn by Kate is a bespoke Jenny Packham number, almost definitely put forward a) because the Duchess traditionally wears Jenny’s frocks for baby debuts and b) because it looked like a more on-trend version of Diana’s. 

It’s almost definitely not a sign that Kate is being held against her will, nor a sign that the royal family are occult enthusiasts – but that won’t stop the wild imaginings of some (just check the #rosemarysbaby hashtag on Twitter to see some of their bonkers ramblings!) #Sigh



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