“My vagina … is none of your business!” says new mum Khloé Kardashian

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Khloé Kardashian’s three months into the new mum gig, and after more than three months of being mum shamed by social media users, she’s compiled a list of no-go topics to silence the foot-in-mouth (or just plain rude) brigade.

“The worst thing to hear after you’ve given birth”

Khloé is mum to baby True with partner Tristan Thompson, and she took to her blog to lay down the law (according to her, at least!)

“There are a few things that are pretty much the worst things to hear after you’ve given birth,” Khloe began before launching into a very clear and commonsense list of what not to say. Some of Khloé’s nopes were sleep-themed, some were feeding themed, and many were body themed.

1. Khloé says you should NEVER ask a woman how she delivered her baby. Especially don’t ask if she gave birth “naturally”. 

“My vagina—its past, its present, its future—is none of your business! Period,” Khloé says. #LOL #Yasss

2. Khloé recently stopped breastfeeding baby True, after finding it super challenging, and faced criticism for her decision. Stung by strangers judging her parenting, she points out that the highs and lows of breastfeeding are also nobody’s business, unless a woman brings this up herself.

“You never know the private struggles someone could be going through and how terrible it may be making them feel.”

3. Family planning? Also a no-go zone, especially so just out of the new baby gate. Do not gaze at a newborn and ask her mother if she’s going to have more babies, Koko advises. Let a lady heal and adjust and pipe down!

“Even if this was in the slightest appropriate to ask, it’s impossible to think more than even two hours ahead when you’re in the new-mom fog!” #Truth

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4. Khloé – mother of a baby girl who looks exactly like her father – says that pointing this out to new mum (aka her!) is not helpful. Sob! Don’t say “he or she looks so much like your partner”, she pleads.

“It’s annoying when you’ve carried a child, nourished a child, birthed a child, are newly responsible for a child … and they don’t look a thing like you!”

5. Recovering from birth is no easy feat, and Khloé says telling women the “weight will fall right off” is not helpful at all.

“The scale is the opposite of a new mom’s happy place,” Khloe suggests. “I’ve been pretty damn lucky with my weight loss (trust, it’s been WORK!) but everyone loses the lbs at their own pace.”

6. The old “days are long, but the years are short” adage has no place in the life of a newborn mum, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star says.

Don’t say “It might be hard now, but someday you’ll really miss this” Khloé requests.

“No, it’s just really hard right now,” she writes.

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“Never ever bring up sleep”

7. “Is your baby sleeping through the night” is a go directly to jail and do not pass go question, according to Khlo.

“OMG. Never ever EVER bring up sleep. In any way shape or form. You know sleep deprivation is literally a form of torture, right?”

8. Also – don’t say “you look tired” unless you want a punch in the neck. “No sh*t, Sherlock!!!!!” Khloé writes of this annoying observation.

9. “Your baby cries a lot,” should never be uttered, either.

10. And if you’re going to start with some piffle like “I never see you anymore” then think again, she says.

“A new mom is likely already sad about this, so this statement will most definitely cause tears—or anger. Not a good idea.”

So if you’re about to pop in on a new mum … “Watch your tongues, dolls!”  

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