People are sharing creepy things kids say and it’ll make you shudder

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We already know that kids say the darnedest things, but did you know they can say the creepiest, most disturbing and often just plain upsetting things too?!

Sleep with the lights on, mums and dads

When someone on the very popular forum Reddit invited others to share “the creepiest thing a child has ever said to you” literally hundreds and hundreds of people were keen to spill the spooky beans.

The worrying things kids said scrolled endlessly down the page, as rattled adults revealed the sociopathic, the haunted and the freaking uncanny stuff children have come out with.

Let us tour you through the very best (or worst?!) of the scary-slash-harrowing chatter profiled.

1. The small troll

“I work in childcare. A child once woke up from a nap, looked me dead in the eyes and quite plainly said ‘Everybody hates you.'”

2. The tiny wicked witch

“My friend used to volunteer at her mum’s primary school (ages 5 or 6 I think) and one time a little girl tripped on the playground. My friend took her inside and gave her a plaster for her knee and said kindly ‘Because you’ve been so brave, you can have your snack early. What would you like?’ The kid stops crying immediately, looks her dead in the eye and says ‘a rotten apple.'”

3. The reincarnated

“I had a 4-year-old that I had never met run up to me very excited and say ‘I remember you from when I was big!’ I don’t believe in anything like that, but this kid was very sincere and refused to leave my side the entire visit.”

Small girl looking scared or surprised

4. The not today, Daddy

“My son once said to me. ‘I’m going to marry mommy when you die’. I said ‘alright, good night its bedtime’. He said ‘no Daddy, not good night, good bye‘. I slept with the door locked and one eye open that night.”

5. The sadly departed

Warning, this one is very sad. “Not to me but to my mother. I had a little brother who was blind by age 3 and had a brain tumor. My mother was feeding him oatmeal in the morning. He stopped and said ‘Aunt Mariam is here’ and pointed toward my mother’s bedroom. ‘She’s here for me.’ My brother never met Aunt Mariam, she passed away the year he was born. He asked to be laid on my mom’s bed and closed his eyes and passed away.” Oh dear god. Sob.

6. The very, very brave

“I lost my mom to a rare cancer when I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter.. (she is now almost 4). Last week while making breakfast she was just babbling about nothing and randomly said ‘your mom doesn’t scare me’ and then just kept talking about her ponies and what have you. It REALLY caught me off guard.”

Small girl looking scared or surprised

7.  The darkness

“My cousin who was about four or five at the time looked at me dead in the eyes and said ‘I’m a baby just like Satan was!’ “

8. The visited

“I was dressing my then 3yr old in his bedroom when he turned to me and said ‘mummy can you close the curtains, the little boy and girl are scaring me’ I asked ‘what little boy and girl?’ ‘The ones outside my window that watch us’. Safe to say the curtains stayed closed.”

What’s the creepiest thing a child has ever said to you? from AskReddit


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