Jimmy Giggle and wife Tori have safely welcomed twins to their family

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They’re here! Popular kids’ entertainer Jimmy Rees aka Jimmy Giggle and his wife Tori have welcomed two beautiful babies to their family.

“Both boys are doing amazing!!”

The couple were already parents to a three-year-old boy named Lenny, and now poppets Mack and Vinny have joined the gang.

Announcing the birth of his twin boys, Jimmy was understandably full of excitement and heaped praise on Tori’s champion birthing effort.

“THE BABIES ARE HERE!!!!” he wrote on Instagram. “Tori and I couldn’t be prouder to share the safe arrival of Mack and Vinny (2.46kg & 2.33kg)!! Both boys are doing amazing!!”

“Tori is a total superstar, she was born to be a mummy and continues to surprise me with her innate ability to just know what to do!!! Our hearts have doubled in size!!”

Jimmy shared the cutest photo showing the new babies snuggled up between their parents, vying for space with an obviously very much looked forward to plate of pregnancy-forbidden soft cheese and salami.

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“We just have to go with the flow”

The couple thought they were dealing with a singleton pregnancy initially and Tori admitted she was a tiny bit freaked out by the twin news.

“I almost fell over when they told me,” she told Who magazine.

“It still hasn’t dawned on us how crazy it’s going to be,” Jimmy revealed in the same interview. “We just have to go with the flow.”

Go with the flow they have, adjusting quickly to their lovely news and welcoming two new babies this week.

“Prepare for some serious baby spam!!!” Jimmy warned his followers.

THE BABIES ARE HERE!!!! Tori and I couldn’t be prouder to share the safe arrival of Mack & Vinny (2.46kg & 2.33kg)!!…

Posted by Jimmy Rees on Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Bring on the baby spam

Of course Jimmy’s followers made it very clear that they were totally here for all the twin spam. In fact they would like it to begin ASAP.

“Congratulations! What better way to celebrate [than] with the foods a pregnant woman should not eat. I did the same with our home made salami and a hot dog as soon as I got out of hospital,” one mum commented.

“Congratulations on the safe arrival of your boys,” another follower posted. “It’s a wild ride full of so much love – especially seeing the eldest with them. Much love to you all.”

Another mum recounted breaking the news to her little Jimmy Giggle fan who had some alternative ideas on baby names for Mack and Vinny.

“Had a funny conversation with my 3-year-old over dinner telling her your news …
Mummy: ‘Jimmy Giggle and his wife had 2 twin baby boys today’
Ivy: ‘Oh cute, what are their names?’
Mummy: ‘Hmmmm I can’t remember right now, I’ll check later, after dinner’
Ivy: (ponders for a few seconds) ‘I know. He called them Giggle and Hoot’ ”

We send a huge congratulations to this sweet family. Welcome to the world, Mack and Vinny! 


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