This contraption helps you pick your baby’s nose and you’re so welcome

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Have you ever retrieved a giant booger from your baby’s nose and wished to God there was a better way?

The snot thickens

Well now there – apparently – is! It’s a device called the Oogiebear and it’s specially designed for booger retrieval.

Let’s address the elephant in the room first up, because this product is US$41 a pop. Huh? Yep. Gosh.

That said, what price would you pay for a little help with the task that is de-boogering your baby’s nose?

When I think about it it might be more than US$41, especially when this product claims to be a safer solution to those snotty woes.

 Oogiebear nose picker

Why tho?

Why would you choose to enlist the Oogiebear’s help? Well there are lots of different reasons.

  1. It’s an actual approved medical device (by the US FDA)
  2. It’s BPA, latex and PVC free
  3. It has a scoop end for dried boogers #ew
  4. It has a loop end for sticky boogers #ew
  5. The bear-head design stops it from going too far up your baby’s nose #phew

Oogiebear nose picker

The Oogiebear folk say their product can be used on little ears too, but we’re not convinced. Really, it’s not good to poke anything in your child’s ears and a much better idea to head to the GP if you think there’s waxy issues there.

But if you fancy having a co-pilot when you’re picking your baby’s nose, then maybe this is it?!

Find out more about the Oogiebear on Amazon.

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