Jessica Simpson shares sweet photo celebrating her newborn daughter’s birthmark

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Jessica Simpson has shared a few images of baby Birdie on Instagram, but we hadn’t caught a proper glimpse of her baby face … until now!

Rollin’ with her homies

Jess and Eric are also parents to six-year-old daughter Maxwell and five-year-old son Ace Knute. Their new baby girl weighed in at close to five kilograms when she made her appearance via a c-section delivery on 19 March. This came as no surprise to anyone as the now mum-of-three had a difficult pregnancy and looked fit to burst in those final days.

Young Birdie Mae’s now just over a month old and she’s delighting everyone with her chunky baby limbs and cheeky face. Sharing a fresh photo of her newborn on the weekend, Jess led the baby-admiring charge.

“Rollin’ into the weekend,” she captioned the photos of Birdie and Jess’s followers could not have loved this – and the cute snap – more.

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Rollin’ into the weekend #BIRDIEMAE

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“You gave birth to a toddler”

Lots of followers could not get enough of Birdie’s baby rolls and waxed lyrical about how amazingly established they are considering this little girl is only six weeks old.

“You gave birth to a TODDLER!” one follower posted, offering sympathy for Jess’s postpartum recovery.

“Omg! I need some butter for all those rolls!” another Birdie fan quipped.

“What a chunky, beautiful nugget,” someone else wrote admiringly.

“OMG this child was born last month. Is she half sharpei? Delicious rolls for dayyys,” someone else gushed.

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Happy Easter from the Johnson Family, Party of 5! ???

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“Kissed by an angel”

Many other followers were super happy to finally catch a proper glimpse of Birdie’s face, and especially the very cute birthmark on her brow – which some parents swapped stories about in the comments under the post.

“My daughter was born with the same mark on her forehead,” one mum wrote. “The paediatrician called it an angel’s kiss. It faded by the time she was one but still to this day when she gets a fever it shows up!! I always tell her you were kissed by an angel!”

“Ahhh sweet,” another parent commented. “She has an angel kiss between her eyes! So sweet! All my babies had those!”

“My granddaughter and myself have the same birth mark as Birdie Mae!! It fades as she gets older but when she cries you’ll be able to see it more. We like to think it makes us very special people!” one granny wrote.

It looks like Birdie’s birthmark is a naevus flammeus – which is also sometimes called the Stork’s Bite.

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Birthmarks are beautiful!

Birthmarks are very common and sometimes run in families. They can take a number of different forms, with some fading as a child grows while others remain or become more prominent.

Almost half of babies are born with a naevus flammeus birthmark, often called a ‘stork bite’. This sort of birthmark is characterised by pink, flat, irregular-shaped marks. A stork bite is not raised or thick and is usually seen on the nape of the neck, eyelids, forehead, sides of the nose or top lip. These birthmarks usually fade by during a baby’s first year.

Another really common birthmark is the ‘strawberry mark’ or haemangioma of infancy. This is a raised and thickened patch of reddened skin which appears between one and four weeks of age and increases in size for a few months. Strawberry marks stop growing between six and 12 months of age and usually fade away altogether during the preschool years.

Babies with darker skin tones may have a birthmark known as Mongolian spots. They are bluish, flat, irregular patches which are often seen on the back and the bottom. They can fade with age as well.


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