Here’s why Duchess Meghan was photographed holding Archie a little awkwardly

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Duchess Meghan can’t catch a break, it would seem. Hot on the heels of criticism about her wearing jeans and requesting a photography ban when she attended Wimbledon earlier in the week, she’s being shamed for the way she held her baby Archie.


You may or may not know that Meghan made a surprise appearance at a charity polo match a couple of days ago. She was there to support Prince Harry, who along with Prince William was playing in the match, and also to spend time with her sister-in-law Duchess Kate and her nephews and niece Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Meghan and Harry delighted onlookers by taking two-month-old Archie along too, and while most of us were enjoying catching a glimpse of the youngest royal, lots of people saw this as another opportunity to criticise Meg.

The Duchess was carrying her baby boy in her arms, kissing him frequently and enjoying some family time, but many noted that her grip on Archie looked a little uncomfortable. 

Here come the haters

Commentary about this has varied from supportive to downright cruel, with some critics deciding that Meghan’s slightly awkward grip on Archie was proof that she left his care to nannies and didn’t know how to hold her own baby. It’s a huge stretch and an unnecessarily mean one.

“She doesn’t know how to hold the poor thing,” one Twitter user decided.

“Meghan doesn’t look comfortable holding her baby, it doesn’t look at all a natural pose! Does she know how to hold her two-month old baby?” another person wondered.

Sadly there are hundreds more like this. And most of them are much nastier.

So why was Meghan juggling Archie a bit awkwardly as the camera snapped away?

Most likely it was because she and Prince Harry are committed to keeping their little boy out of the media spotlight. They attended this event to spend time with family and support several charities. For sure they knew they’d be photographed, but the images from the day show that they were unable to make a single move without it being recorded.

For new mum Meghan it must have been a difficult position to be caught in. She’s balancing her own protective instincts with the public’s interest in her baby – and it’s an impossible juggle.

It definitely looks like she’s trying to position Archie so that photographers wouldn’t be able to get a clear shot. This resulted in her looking a little awkward as she attempted to angle him away from the lenses.

The juggle is real

And while some might see this as a bit of an overreaction for someone in the public eye, let’s not forget that Prince Harry was incredibly affected by the constant media attention during his childhood and adolescence to the point of suffering mental ill health.

Is it any wonder that the Sussexes are trying to impose some boundaries around their own little boy?

Sadly, many refused to consider Meghan’s excellent motives for this ‘Archie juggle’.

Instead, they gleefully saw this as another chance to play their favourite game – Let’s Cruelly Scrutinise the Duchess of Sussex.

It must be getting very tiresome for Meghan, perhaps even traumatic. Honestly, those Meghan-shamers should pull their heads in and consider the toll their nastiness is taking on this newly minted family.

Meghan’s protective instincts make plenty of sense and she should be congratulated for guarding her little boy’s wellbeing, not critiqued.


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