Everything you need to know about Cardi B’s newborn baby

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Wildly successful rapper Cardi B has welcomed her first child with her new husband – and they named their baby unusually and traditionally.

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K U L T U R E 7/10/18 K I A R I C E P H U S

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It’s a girl!

Cardi and husband Kiari Kendrall Cephus (better known as Offset) announced their little girls’ birth on Instagram a short while ago, revealing they’d named her Kulture Kiari Cephus.

“Kulture Kiari Cephus 07/10/18 @offsetyrn,” the new mum posted, sharing a very flowery photo of her almost capacity baby bump. “Kulture :’) … no better feeling.”

“K U L T U R E  K I A R I  C E P H U S  7/10/18,” Offset all-capped on his Instagram update, in celebration of his new daughter. 

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The couple’s baby news was actually broken by a Twitter user who violated every rule in the book as he shared the news.

“Cardi B had her baby this morning! My bro work at the hospital she’s in,” the since-deleted tweet said. What a cad, eh? #SoWrong

If you’re catching up with Cardi and aren’t sure who the heck she even is, know this: She’s a groundbreaking rapper who signed a recording contract in 2017 and went on to speedily score two number one singles in the US (Bodak Yellow and I Like It).

This made her the first ever female rapper to attain multiple number one songs on the US charts. All within 12 months or so of signing with Atlantic Records. #NoBiggieOrAnything

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Kulture Kiari Cephus 07/10/18?? @offsetyrn

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Kulture club

While Kulture’s middle name is taken straight from her dad, it’s suggested that her first name is a twist on album titles released by Offset’s group Migos who released an album titled Culture back in 2017 and Culture II earlier this year.

Offset is dad to three other children, sons named Jordan and Kody, and a daughter called Kalea. It seems he’s pushing on with this ‘K’ name enthusiasm, and baby Kulture is proof of that.

Cardi (aka Belcalis Almanzar) and Offset married secretly back in September, but pretended they were not married for months after the ceremony.

TMZ published the pair’s marriage certificate in June, but only after they’d staged a mock proposal – on stage, complete with a giant diamond ring – late in 2017. When they were actually already married.

Nekminnit, the couple are expecting and ready to jump from husband and wife to mum and dad together. 

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Kulture :’)…no better feeling ❤️?

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Cardi relatably tweets the final days of her pregnancy

Luckily for us, Cardi has shared some relatable thoughts about her pregnancy, as well as these new Beyonce-inspired shots of her belly. And honestly? Her pregnancy tweets are everything.

Baby Kulture made her appearance a day ago, following what Cardi admitted was a very un-fun final month of pregnancy.

First, she was feeling a little breathless …

“Ebro told me to exercise and walk so my baby can come out easier but I can’t even put lotion on my legs without feeling huffy and puffy. I’m going to try my best to at least walk 5 blocks today!! After this photo shoot of course.”

Then she was struggling with an Allen key and many emotions …

“I wanna cry cause I don’t know how to put this baby stuff together. I feel so lost. I need help … BD [baby daddy] needs to hurry and come home!!”

Next, she was packed to capacity with another tiny person – and fed up with her baby’s camera shy antics …

“Last night was the worst night ever,” Cardi posted on Twitter a day before her daughter’s birth. “This last month of pregnancy is hell.” (It’s quite possible that she was in the early stages of labour?)

“I don’t have not one good sonogram pic of my babe. She always hiding her face with her hands, mean and stubborn like her daddy.”

After that she realised she simply had no time for any nonsense AT ALL …

“I took the longest, best, freshest shower ever earlier and now I realise I ain’t put deodorant on – What a fuckin’ waste of shower.” 

“I’m at home watching ‘It‘,” she told a fan who wanted to know if the rumours of her being in hospital, in labour were true.”

The new mum and pop are yet to share a photo of their baby, or any other details, but we’re guessing a cover story or Instagram reveal are not far away.

Congrats to Cardi and Offset in their new arrival!

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