Breastfeeding mum Chrissy Teigen’s freaking out about her veiny “milky boobs”

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Many of us have been here, right? The blueprint of our chest’s vascular system displaying itself like a roadmap which leads directly to … boobs!

“Look at my veins”

Chrissy shared a clip of herself on social media over the weekend (on Twitter and in her Instagram stories) highlighting this particularly visible change in her new mum body.

“Please look at my veins going to my milky boobs,” Chrissy guffaws, staring into the camera in mock disbelief. 

“What is this?” she grimaces. What it is, Chrissy, is amazing anatomy!

Indeed, the veins in her chest are there for all to see, further proof that womens’ bodies are amazing and not only can many of us grow an entire human, we can feed it all by ourselves in the months that follow!

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Increased blood flow to the boobs is totally normal in pregnancy and postpartum, and this causes the veins to expand and be more visible through the skin. In Chrissy’s case, the hard work her breasts are doing, coupled with the effects of the naturally occurring hormone progesterone are bumping things up a notch.

If you’ve ever had a baby, you too may be familiar with the giant boob syndrome that kicks in a couple of days postpartum (when your milk “comes in”). You may even have found yourself standing in front of a mirror/phone screen, noting your chest has taken on a veiny, lumpy life of its own. 

It’s not the first time CT has highlighted the effects of pregnancy and childbirth on her body. She’s been upfront about stretch marks (which she likes, but had hoped to prevent this time around, but did not … in the end!) She’s chatted about how tricky baby number two is to heft about. And she’s delighted us with her pregnancy hunger (which was deliciously heavy in golden-fried foods and tacos!)

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Wild Saturday celebrating #nationalroséday

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A new normal

Baby Miles arrived on 16 May – three weeks prior to his offical due date – the second child for Chrissy and her husband, singer John Legend. (The pair are also mum and pop to a two-year-old daughter, Luna.)

Now that Miles is here and a new normal is kicking in at Chez Teigen-Legend, we’re witnessing Chrissy establishing breastfeeding, reclaiming her pelvic floor and streamlining her diet to cleaner, greener snacks.

It’s all pretty relatable and kind of nice that Chrissy’s so open about the toll and triumphs of new mum life – even if her life IS a WEE bit fancier than your average mama’s.


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