Articles by Lexi Klaebe

  1. Delicious melting moment biscuit recipe

    If ever I had to list favourite biscuits, a melting moment would be in my top five. Maybe even top two. Big call I know, but there’s something about that buttery crumb sandwiched with the perfect amount of orange infused buttery icing which is just

  2. Sweet and easy date and apple slice recipe

    There’s something almost too good to be true about making a perfectly delicious slice without refined sugars, lashings of icing or even butter (gasp!). Ready for some smug satisfaction to pack in the kids’ lunch box? Come discover this yummy slice recipe!

  3. Raspberry yoghurt muffin recipe

    I don’t know about your fridge situation, but you can bet your bottom dollar mine always contains yoghurt. Often it’s forgotten about yoghurt or a flavour I swore the kids’ loved but turns out to be the opposite, so if I can use it in

  4. Embrace a cool change in Minti fashion

    A powerhouse of kids fashion – and one of my personal favourite kids clothing brands – Minti has just launched big things with their winter 2017 collection. Massive. Babyologists, get ready to throw your arms open wide and embrace the cooler weather to come!


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