Articles by Lexi Klaebe

  1. No bake Lattice cheesecake slice recipe

    Remember the days of old when the Lattice slice concoctions gracing the CWA bake stall table were a feast to behold? I’ve brought the Lattice biscuit trend back to my own kitchen recently and this cheesecake slice is a winner of a dessert!

  2. 7 fun, skill building puzzle toys for toddlers

    Fantastic for developing problem solving skills, dexterity and imagination, there’s no denying toddlers love to tinker with puzzle toys. Here we’ve found a handful of brilliant puzzle toys for little one’s, bound to be a hit on the toy rotation!

  3. A sweet jam drop biscuit recipe

    If you like to keep the biscuit jar full but don’t want to spend a fortune making it happen, you’re going to want to add this jam drop biscuit recipe to your repertoire. Soft and buttery with a dollop of sweetness, what’s not to love


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