8 DIY tips to creating your own milk bath maternity photo shoot

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The milk bath photography trend is still going strong and we’re here to tell you how you can recreate a milk bath maternity photo shoot at home!

1. You’ll need a bath (obviously)

A bath long enough to be able to stretch your legs out is best – if you’ve only got a corner tub, it’s time to call in that favour your friend owes you.

2. Dreamy natural light

With any luck, your own bathroom will at some point of the day fill with gorgeous natural light. Make a note of when the light is at its best with the aim to time your DIY photography shoot on the day.

3. Not cold, not hot, just right

Fill the (scrubbed clean) bath with lukewarm water. Too hot and your flowers will feel it and your skin will be flush, too cold and you’ll be covered in goose-bumps and not enjoying it at all!

4. White, white white or really white?

Once the bath is filled close to half its capacity, tip in a three litre container of whole fat milk. Depending on the size of your bath and how much water you’re using, you may need more or less. For a more opaque effect, add some powdered milk to the water.

5. Jump in naked or…

Depending on how comfortable you are to bare all, lace gowns are popular (see The Glow Boutique for some gorgeous options, including the gowns pictured here) or whip down to Spotlight to try a soft, sheer fabric draped around to keep your modesty. Of course, going au naturel is also beautiful.

6. Fresh, not fake foliage

Use fresh flowers (cut the stems off, but save the leaves) for your photo shoot – fake ones will sink to the bottom of the bath! We’ve seen plenty of photos using lots of greenery, petals and just a few flowers which look really pretty too.

7. Be patient!

Fill the bath, add the milk, have the mama-to-be get herself comfy and in position in the water and then, and only then, arrange the flowers around her. Move the flowers around her with each change of position.

8. Shoot from above

Some of the best shots are captured from above the bath. Naturally, safety is paramount. Have a third person ‘spotter’ just for a bit of assurance as your photographer straddles the bath edge and secondly, make sure your photographer is wearing a camera strap. Just in case.

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Happy snapping Babyologists, let us know if you’ve tried your own DIY milk bath maternity shoot and share your tips!






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