No-bake reindeer noses for an edible Christmas gift

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A quick, fun edible activity for kids – and a really cute token gift for them to pass out to neighbours or classmates at Christmas. And oh holy night, there’s no baking involved!



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  • Makes : 8
  • Prep time : 20 mins

  • Malteasers (a 140g bag made eight bags)
  • Jaffas
  • Small cellophane or zip lock bags
  • Christmas patterned cardstock
  • stapler


  • Using your home computer and printer, print yourself a small 'reindeer noses' label. Alternatively, kids can write it - who doesn't love neat handwriting!? Cut the Christmas cardstock to a size that it can be folded to fit over the top of the cellophane bag.
  • Fill each bag with eight Malteasers and one Jaffa. Push all the air out of the bag and seal.
  • Fold over the top of the bag, fitting a folded piece of cardstock over the top, followed by a 'reindeer noses' label. Holding all layers together, staple to secure.

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