“We got a mover!” – Hilary Duff’s new baby is crawling already

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It feels like Hilary Duff had her baby mere weeks ago, but footage of her little one crawling across her nursery proves otherwise.

“Oh my gosh!”

Hilary shared the stinkin’ adorable video on her Instagram account and it shows her and seven-year-old Luca at one end of the nursery as her wee gal Banks wobbles on all fours at the other. Banks’ dad Matthew Koma is recording the moment, standing behind his baby girl.

“Come on!” Hilary and Luca cry. “Come on!”

“Oh my gosh,” the mum-of-two gasps. “Yay!!”

“You’re almost at me,” Luca says encouragingly, lying on his belly, smiling and coaxing his sister towards him. “You’re almost at me!”

Banks crawls across the floor toward her big brother, and it’s clear that she adores him.

When she finally makes it Luca says “you got me!”

Hilary puts her hands on her head in disbelief and then shoots out a hand to guard her baby girl from the side of her cot.

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We got a mover

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Sib love

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“Wasn’t she just born?!”

It’s such a cute video of a very big milestone and Hilary’s followers were totally here for it!

“That ‘Mom Hand’ at the end to keep her from hitting her head!” one observed approvingly.

“We don’t know what’s cuter, Banks crawling or Luca cheering her on,” someone else posted.

“Why is he the sweetest big brother in the world?! ‘You almost got me!’ So stinking sweet!” another follower declared.

“Wasn’t she JUST born?!” someone asked. “Wow!! Time moves so quickly! What a precious moment!”

“So sweet how encouraging Luca is being! What a good big brother,” one follower commented.


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This is not the only big news in then Duff-Koma household of late. The Younger and Lizzie McGuire star Hilary Duff last week revealed she and her baby daddy were engaged!

“He asked me to be his wife,” Hilary wrote in an Instagram engagement announcement.

She shared two photos – one of her showing off her brand new engagement ring and the other a snap of Matthew and her smooching it up.

And what about Matthew’s engagement reveal? He wrote – “I asked my best friend to marry me.” Nawww!


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