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We all want a comforting place to lay our heads, so why should our children be any different?

Babyology reader Melody was keen for us to research the best toddler pillows, and we were happy to oblige. Once children make the move from the confines of a cot to the vast freedom that is a bed, a pillow is a whole new concept and finding the perfect one can be challenging.

If natural materials are a major consideration in your choice, the Tetra Tea Tree Toddler Pillows are the perfect sleep solution. Filled with Australian tea tree flakes, they’re chemical free and comfortable. The flakes are literally lighter than a feather and are breathable, anti-allergy and thermally regulated. The tea tree bark is collected by hand, and for those keen to minimize their footprint on the earth, the trees are not felled, and can be used to yield bark for many years. The toddler pillow is $39.95 from Sustainababy.

Ingeo Toddler Pillow

Another option for the environmentally conscious is the Bambi Baby Ingeo plant fibre pillow. Ingeo is a man-made fibre, derived from natural, raw materials like corn. It’s light, soft and breathable – and stain resistant. The junior version of the pillow is low-height, and is available from The Bedroom Mattress and Bedding Co. for $35.

Madii and Dyl luxury toddler pillow

Children can spend an incredible amount of time sleeping, and if your child is anything like my eldest, they can wake up clammy. Moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for germs, so a pillow that’s both absorbent and easily washable is a must. Madii & Dyl’s luxe pillows are made from certified natural latex and profess to be Australia’s first range of natural and sustainable children’s pillows. The Teenii Tot pillow is designed to last for more than five years and is just right for allergy sufferers. It’s $49 from Madii & Dyl and comes with a pillow protector and cotton pillow case.

Dunlopillo Junior Pillow

The durable Dunlopillo Junior Pillow is also made from latex and aims to promote postural alignment for the small frames of children. Latex appears to be a wonder material for asthma sufferers and this pillow is enveloped in a natural cotton cover. The Dunlopillo Junior Pillow is available from David Jones for $144.95.

Fossflakes junior pillow

We’ve previously featured the fabulous Fossflakes pregnancy pillow, but it pays to know this brilliant Danish company also make toddler versions of their ingenious pillows. The filling is designed to capture all the benefits and characteristics of down feathers, without any of the drawbacks. The pillows are naturally hypoallergenic, odourless and have anti-bacterial qualities. They come in two junior sizes for $115, and are available directly from Fossflakes.

Cuski toddler pillow

My second child had his first chiropractic appointment at just a few weeks old, and I had only wished I’d done the same for my first, who was a terrible sleeper. I’m a firm believer that correct alignment aides children in their sleep and development – and so too do the creators of the orthopedic toddler pillow. The Cuski pillow is shaped to give toddlers neck support, and help give them a better night’s sleep. Made from memory foam, it’s designed to self adjust to relieve pressure points. It’s available from The Sleep Store for $84.95.

Safety notice: Pillows are not suitable for babies – please see the SIDS and Kids safe sleeping guidelines for when to buy a pillow for your toddler.

Sweet dreams!

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