The sweet way Hilary Duff shared baby news with son Luca will melt your heart

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Sharing the news of a new baby with an older sibling doesn’t always go to plan. 

Just ask Hilary Duff.

But, why?

When Hilary told her older son, Luca, six, she was expecting, the actress said he was “a bit sad”.

He was like, “Why? Because it’s just been us for six years,” she told Huffington Post Parents


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Mum always knows what to say

Undeterred, Hilary knew just what to say to her little dude:

“This is going to be a really good thing for our family. Mum has so much room in my heart for you and a sister and you’re going to have so much fun watching her grow and teaching her things … I also told him that babies are funny! I was like, and I’m going to chase you around with her dirty diapers sometimes, and he was like, ‘noo'”

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Going to miss this for the next week

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Easing him in

Hilary says making a bit of a joke of things has done the trick with her older son – a good counterbalance to all his apprehensive feelings. 

“If I keep it light-hearted, then he has fun with it and I do think he’s excited. He’s touching my belly now and saying Goodbye to her when he goes to school.”

However, Hilary’s little sister giving birth to a girl, also helped Luca’s transition to big brotherhood. 

“That has really helped … He’s like, well, I’m going to get one of those, too!” says Hilary.

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Merry Christmas!!!!!!!??

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Keeping it in the family

Luca isn’t the only one benefiting from having a close relationship with his aunt Haylie and cousins.

Hilary says having her older sister to “look up to” when it comes to motherhood has also really helped her, especially now she has two little ones of her own. 

“It’s been cool to soak some of that up and see what’s coming to me. She has daughters and I have a son, and that’s so different. Her kids are so sassy and I’m like, is this what I have coming?”

Hmm … there’s probably some things about expanding your brood that are best left to experience!

Here’s hoping this expanding family enjoys the ride. 

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Watch out for the toothless one. He slays you

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