Meet the lazy gnome who will save us all from that effing elf

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If you’ve ever had a tired parent moment and forgotten to move that damn elf on the shelf, then listen up! There’s a lazy version of Santa’s spy who doesn’t require you to leap out of bed at 3am because you forgot to move Elfy from the TV to the lampshade.

Blind gnome to the rescue!

Designed by a mum, Julie DeForest, who was sick of the stress of remembering to move the elf on the shelf, she came up with this brilliant lethargic alternative.

The lazy gnome doesn’t require moving (hurrah!), BUT he also has the same Santa dobbing powers as that damn attention-seeking elf, without the ‘look at me’ attitude.

Although he may not be able to see – he doesn’t even have eyes – or maybe his cute hat just covers them, he also doesn’t need to.

You see, this mysterious guy can actually see EVERYTHING. 

Lazy gnome

Santa’s lazy gnome has super powers!

Being able to be plonked in one place and NOT MOVED, the lazy gnome has been gifted magic powers from Santa.

These powers enable him to have x-ray vision, so he just KNOWS if the kids have been naughty or nice, without having to actually, you know, see what’s going on.

Lazy gnome

No hide and seek or silly games

Julie says on her website (where you can purchase one of her brilliant gnomes, along with a book about the lazy gnome fable) that her cute shaggy little guy will be the “most welcome holiday guest”. And we believe her.

As well as reporting back to the big guy in red and gifting parents everywhere the power of “I will tell Santa if you don’t start being good,” the gnome promises to sit on his lazy ass all day and do nothing. Except look cute. 

I know, it’s the is the most brilliant thing we’ve heard about since someone came up for the fiver party to do away with all of our present buying woes.

Oh, just hand us our credit card. And elf, please kindly f-off!

Lazy gnome with book

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