No time for Elf on the Shelf? Get on board with this mum’s plan stat

elf army

Remember that mum last year who nearly ruined Christmas by accidentally roasting Elf on the Shelf in the oven? Well, instead of going through the daily stress again in the lead up to Christmas, she worked out a brilliant way to opt out for good. 

That darn elf

Brittany Mease’s Facebook post last December went viral after she revealed that she had completely melted their Elf on the Shelf, Elfis, in the oven at lunchtime much to the horror of her children. Understandably she’d forgotten she’d placed him there as a temporary hiding spot while she worked out his next big move.

So this year she wanted to bring back the “creepy little guy” to put a smile back on her children’s faces, but in an interesting way that wouldn’t require her to move the darn bugger every night. You see, Brittany was a master of Elf on the Shelf, busting out Pinterest-worthy moves for five years before the oven incident. But now she’s completely over it and doesn’t have the energy to come up with inventive new scenarios EVERY NIGHT that usually require cleaning up afterwards. Who can blame her?!

Mama makes a plan

“I used to think it was fun to move it and make a mess for myself to clean up, but after about my 120th elf move, I began to despise the freaking thing and kicked myself for carrying it on every year,” Brittany wrote on a recent Facebook post.

So this clever mum came up with a plan. A genius one that would not only get the kids pumped but save her a WHOLE lot of work. Before the meltdown last year Elfis had already been on two weeks of bed-rest after ‘breaking’ his leg on the children’s toys, meaning he couldn’t move for a fortnight and mum got to relax. But her new idea is EVEN better.

“I decided I HAD to think of something to get out of it and I had to do it quickly,” she wrote. “So… Elfis joined the Army!”


Private Elfis reporting for duty

The quick-thinking mum decked out ‘ol Elfis in some army duds, staged a few solider snaps and left him out with a letter and treats for the kids in a ‘last hurrah’ effort before Christmas Eve. Genius!

“Hey Gray! Hey Ily! You probably thought I was too scared to come back to your house after breaking my leg on your toys and getting burned in the oven last year, but don’t worry… that’s not the case,” wrote ‘Eflis’ in his letter.

“Once Christmas was over and I arrived back to the North Pole, a lot of people visited me. One visitor was the head recruiter from the Toy Army. The more he talked to me and I thought about it, I realized I was made to do more than fish cheddar goldfish out of the toilet, drink syrup from the container and poop Hershey kisses on your Mom’s counter while spying on you. So, guess what?! I JOINED THE TOY ARMY!” 

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Mum 1, Elf 0

Elfis went on to explain that his boss was the Sergeant from Toy Story and that he’d been allowed back for one night only to deliver the news and treats, but had to urgently return and defend the North Pole from Scrooge’s people getting in and ruining Christmas. LOL! He would, however, be back on Christmas Eve. So yeah two nights of work for mum, compared to 24. WIN!

And how did the kids react?! 


Ho ho ho!

So if you’re a little stressed right now wondering how you’re going to top each Elf move EVERY DAMN DAY THIS DECEMBER then many it’s time for the Toy Army to get a few new recruits.

“I will be watching as my friends stay up late to move their elves, complain about cleaning up their messes and asking for ideas on what their elf can do next because their brains are fried. But, I’ll sleep like a baby knowing my Christmas sanity is being protected by our heroic Elfis,” wrote Brittany.

YASSS! Brittany for President!

Do you hate Elf on the Shelf? Tell us what sanity-saving tricks you’ve come up with on our Facebook page!

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