Surprise! YouTube baby gender reveal videos now more popular than ever

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Finding out your baby’s gender before they’re born used to be considered a boring spoiler alert, but not any more! More Aussie parents than ever before are posting their gender reveal videos on YouTube and it appears we can’t get enough of it either! 

Rippin’ reveals

In the lead up to September, the most popular time to give birth (thanks to all the Christmas and New Year hanky panky), YouTube has reported a whopping 170 percent increase in views of local gender reveal videos in the last 12 months. This relatively new trend starting growing in popularity in Australia in 2016 after following other nations like America and the UK, but now we’re one of the leading countries for both posting and viewing gender reveal clips.

Why so popular?

Do you even have eyes? They’re darn cute that’s why! A new baby is an exciting time, indeed, but seeing the emotion on the faces of the expecting parents, siblings and family and friends is next level. Finally, all those people who want to find out early what sex they’re having can still have a super fun surprise with a quirky reveal captured on film. We wouldn’t be surprised if more people are opting to learn their baby’s sex now than ever before, just so they too can join in on the fun gender reveal movement! We live in a social society after all, and what better place to pop your video than YouTube?

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How does the reveal happen?

The most popular method involves baking, where the parents-to-be cut into a cake with filling that’s coloured blue or pink. But there are other techniques growing in popularity which also unleash one stereotypical gender colour in a cool way, such as releasing balloons, blasting confetti and smashing a pinata. Some more unique ideas out there from creative couples include getting your party guests to shoot you with paint guns, popping mini balloon bellies until you find the one with paint, coloured smoke machines and bath bombs which change the bath watercolour. 

The top videos

There are lots of gender reveal clips claiming a heap of eyeballs on the tube right now but the top spot in March-April 2018 goes to The Norris Nuts – four Aussie siblings who got super animated and emotional over their family’s fifth baby gender reveal cake. Almost 6 million views – WOAH MAMA! Check it out below along with a few more of the most popular gender reveal videos on YouTube this last year.

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