6 signs your baby has a bad case of FOMO (and what you can do about it)

Posted in Newborn.

As any new parent can attest, it’s natural to wonder what non-family friendly shenanigans your mates might be up to while you’re busy living in your new baby bubble. Sometimes, the FOMO is all too real. But it’s not just you who might occasionally suffer from a fear of missing out – your baby could too, which might explain why she hasn’t slept in what feels like 137 years and brings the house down every time you attempt to lay her in her cot.

From resisting sleep to being a fussy feeder, FOMO babies can be hugely challenging. If you identify with any of the signs below, you might just have a FOMO baby on your hands (yay!). But fret not, there’s plenty you can do to restore harmony in your household …  


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