These gorgeous pregnancy journals are the perfect expectant mum gift

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Our round-up of the best pregnancy journals and pregnancy diaries will help mums create a record of their pregnancy … and create a very special keepsake in the process. 

If you know an expectant mum – or indeed are one yourself – you are probably keen to keep track of the big and little moments that growing a baby entails.


Pregnancy Journal

Expecting You: A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

Record thoughts, feelings, and experiences navigated during pregnancy and create a gorgeous keepsake for future years.

What did mums think of this pregnancy journal?

“This journal is everything I wanted and more. I searched everywhere and as soon as I saw all the other reviews for this I had to have it. Best baby purchase so far!!!! It’s the perfect size and so cute and modern. The inside is so easily laid out and the prompts are just perfect. I’ve included some images! I’m so glad I’ll have this to look back on! Highly recommend!”

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Pregnancy journal

How to Grow a Baby Journal

This journal was compiled by bestselling author and midwife Clemmie Hooper and aims to capture all the essential details of pregnancy and life with a newborn … and a whole bunch more.

What did mums think of this pregnancy journal?

“Perfection and so beautiful. I bought this as a gift and the feedback has been it’s the best pregnancy journal they’ve come across. Very happy!”

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Pregnancy Journal

Awaiting You: A Pregnancy Journal

Helpful prompts inspire mums to capture memorable moments and milestones, feelings and future dreams.

What did mums think of this pregnancy journal?

“What a special book! I’ll be honest and say I am not much of a journal-er currently with two young girls and another on the way, but this seems to be a much more manageable way to document how I’m feeling and the excitement/anticipation of a new baby. I can complete the entries in small chunks here and there, and I don’t need to use brain space to think about what I want to write about. The prompts are interesting and relevant for pregnancy.”

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pregnancy journal

Studio Oh! Guided Pregnancy Journal, Bump for Joy!

A beautifully illustrated, 144-page journal which is sorted by trimester and packed with writing prompts, lists, space for tracking baby’s growth, storing ultrasound images, journaling feelings, and planning for new mum life.

What did mums think of this pregnancy journal?

“This baby journal is wonderful! It is extremely detailed and has everything you could ever want to track the growth and progress throughout your pregnancy. It is divided into five sections; one for preconception, one for each trimester, and one for labor and delivery. Each trimester section allows you to track everything from your cravings and aversions to how you’re currently styling your bump, and a spot for photos of your growing joy! I love that each section has a spot for your sonogram photos and details about your appointment and a place to write questions for your next visit. I am extremely pleased with this purchase and can’t wait to share this when our little one is old enough.”

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pregnancy journal

40ish Weeks: A Pregnancy Journal

Sorted by trimester sections this pregnancy journal features prompts covering symptoms, cravings, emotions, maternity fashion, and more. There is lots of space to detail week-by-week notes and capture the minutiae alongside the milestones.

What did mums think of this pregnancy journal?

“Cute little journal. Separated week by week but they have many pages set up in between trimesters for things like reactions to the news, ultrasound pics, doctor visit questions, pregnancy symptoms, things you crave or can’t eat, etc. Plenty of room to write and get everything down. I’ll enjoy re-reading this many years from now.”

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