7 super-smart tech ideas to help you get to know your baby better

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When it comes to pregnancy and babies, most of what we know, we’ve learnt on the job. Thankfully for us modern parents, we also get a helping hand in the form of pretty clever tech that take some of the guesswork and uncertainty out of these intense stages of life.


Here are seven smart gadgets that will help you along the way, and also help you to get to know your baby better.

1. A quality digital thermometer

One of the most confusing things about babies is trying to figure out why they are unsettled. Is he hungry, tired, or sick, or just feeling grumpy? This is why having a reliable digital thermometer in your household first aid box is essential. It’s the easiest way to rule out sickness – or alert you if you need to get him to a doctor.

2. A heartbeat tracker

Many parents say it’s not until they hear their baby’s heartbeat that their pregnancy feels real. You can now relive that beautiful moment (and also ease any anxiety you may have about bub in there!) by keeping a check on your baby’s heartbeat at home. A nifty device called HeraBEAT is a medical-grade foetal heart rate monitor that allows you to do this. There’s also a clever app that lets you share your excitement with friends and family – or your obstetrician if you are concerned.

HeraBEAT pregnancy tracker

3. A baby monitor

Most parents these days are gifted a baby monitor at their baby shower. A basic baby monitor can simply alert you when bub wakes up when you are in another room, but there are other more fancy baby monitors that use a video screen as well as an app on your phone to allow you to see your baby when you’re away from home, as well as tracking his heart rate and oxygen levels while he sleeps, alerting you if anything is not quite right.

4. Belly earphones

It’s so lovely to bond with your baby through pregnancy, which is why you might enjoy reading to him, or playing him music in utero. Research shows that babies are soothed by sounds and have fully developed hearing from 20 weeks gestation. Which is why you might be tempted to invest in a speaker system that gently adheres to your belly and allows you to safely play memory-shaping sound directly to the womb. 

5. A sound machine

Babies LOVE the sound of their parents shooshing them to sleep. So it makes sense that some smartypants has invented a clever little machine that can do the job for you. The Baby Shusher is a recording of a human voice ‘shooshing’ that will play on repeat in 15 to 30 minute timers. No more standing at the cot shooshing when you are starving to eat dinner!

6. A pregnancy app

There are lots of fantastic pregnancy apps out that to help you track your pregnancy and bond with your bub on the way, but if you are a fan of the pregnancy bible, ‘What to Expect when Expecting’, then the ‘What to Expect‘ app will answer all of your questions to do with your baby’s development and your pregnancy, while you are commuting to work or lying in bed over-thinking every moment of your pregnancy. 

7. A baby names app

Choose the perfect name for your bundle of love on the way (and also bond by saying his name, over and over before you meet in person) by downloading a baby names app. There are oodles to chose from, but Babyname is fun! It’s like Tinder for baby names – simply swipe right for ‘yes’ or left for ‘no’ as the names pop up. If your partner also swiped right on that name, a little hatched egg with a heart inside pops up on your screen telling you it’s a match. Cute!

This is a sponsored post for HeraBEAT. You can listen to bub every step of the way with an app that helps you find and track your baby’s heartbeat. Safe and easy to use, HeraBEAT offers peace of mind throughout pregnancy.

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