Sam Wood on why he and Snez named their bubba girl Charlie Lane

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The former The Bachelor and wife Snezana, recently welcomed their “drop from heaven” daughter, Charlie Lane.

Now the besotted dad has shared how the couple came to chose the cute moniker.

Short ‘n’ sweet

In an interview with Now to Love, Sam shares it was a case of him and Snez just liking the way the sweet name rolled off the tongue.

“Snez loved Charlie and we knew we wanted something kind of short,” he says.

“I don’t know where Lane came from, we were spitballing ideas and that was in the mix. I think I said it and as soon as I did, Snez was like, ‘I think that’s it.'”

But Sam says even though they both felt Charlie Lane was the right name for their bundle on the way, they still gave it few weeks to percolate.

“We always knew we wanted Charlie but we only really decided on Lane probably a couple of weeks before the birth but it just felt right.”

Yep, she definitely looks like a Charlie, Sam! Good name.

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Charlie Lane WE LOVE YOU 💗

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Born on her grandma’s birthday

In an adorable post announcing the birth, Snezana described Charlie as a “little drop from heaven.”

“Another beautiful little girl to drive Daddy crazy. Charlie Lane Wood you are a little drop from heaven,” Snez posted on Instagram.

All babies are a gift, but it seems Charlie already knew this arriving on her grandma’s birthday.

“Charlie was born on my mum’s birthday which was just beautiful,” Sam revealed in the Now to Love interview.

Sister love

Charlie is almost six weeks old now and her big sisters Eve (14) and Willow (2) are said to be in love with her. As are her mum and overjoyed dad.

While Willow adores her newborn sister, sometimes a tad too much (needing to be reminded not to smother her!) apparently Eve is super helpful.

Sam says Snezana’s 14-year old daughter is an extra pair of hands when they most need it.

“She’s a beautiful big sister and she’s been a big help,” he tells Now to Love.


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When time stands still ❤️❤️

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