LOL! Tommy Little hijacks preggy Carrie Bickmore’s family photo shoot

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Loving this so much!

Funnyman Tommy Little organised a pregnancy family photo shoot for the delightful Carrie Bickmore and her family of four, only he wanted in on it too. 

And the photos have us crossing our legs and thinking we really should practice our pelvic floor exercises. They. Are. Hilarious!

Here’s what went down.

“This is a show baby”

Tommy and Carrie co-host together at 2-Day FM for the Tommy and Carrie show. They are work buddies. Professionals. But their relationship got a little more, well, personal when Tommy took matters into his own hands by staging this awkward and ROFWL family photo shoot.  

As Tommy explains in the pre-shoot video to Carrie’s son Ollie, 10, “this is a show baby”, so naturally he, Tommy that is, should be part of their ‘baby on the way’ family shoot too (the look on Ollie’s face when he suggests this is priceless!). 

Blooming beautiful, Carrie

As well as the weird-uncle-at-the-end family pic with Carrie’s husband Chris and kids Ollie and daughter Evie, Tommy poses with Carrie in four other funny photos.

It is a toss-up for us between the one where Carrie is channelling her inner Dannii Minogue in the pregnancy wind machine glamour shot (with Tommy caught in her scarf), or the one where she is resting quite comfortably on Tommy, reading the paper. Take a load of Carrie! 

Check them out.

All for a good cause

The hilarious photos are all for a good cause, of course, with the shoot raising money for Unicef Australia’s Save A Newborn Appeal.

The cause is important to Carrie who suffered a haemorrhage after giving birth to Ollie.

“I needed to be rushed to hospital and I needed an operation and blood transfusions and it was a horrible horrible horrible time,” she revealed on her and Tommy’s Instagram page.

“If it wasn’t for the incredible country that we live in and the doctors, surgeons and the healthcare that we have here, who knows what the outcome could’ve been for me because it was really touch and go.”

Carrie is now a UNICEF ambassador to try and to help other mums in a similar situation to her but who may not have access to the medical help she had on hand.

While a great cause, we think the Instagram caption that accompanies the hilarious snaps say it all:

“This is what happens when you let Tommy organize a beautiful photo shoot to commemorate and celebrate Carrie’s pregnancy,” it says.

Yes, indeed.

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